Welcome back to all our young filmmakers!


This weekend marked the start of a brand new autumn term. It was so good to be able to welcome lots of students back to weekly filmmaking classes.

It’s been since mid-March, when we were last able to work with all our weekly students. We all loved being able to say hello and welcome back after so long. It was great to find out about all the film projects students have been up to from home over the last few months.

We started work on some new projects – all inspired by ‘Feel Good Films’. This term’s theme is designed to help inspire uplifting storylines and plenty of ‘feel good’ filmmaking.


We’re focusing on finding creative joy and ways to express positive emotions in filmmaking.

Over the course of ten weeks, the young filmmakers will explore different techniques, including how to present different styles of comedy. They’ll apply them to their own film productions, where they take on all the creative responsibilities, from the script and the story, to the directing, camera work, acting, editing and design.

At the end of term, we’ll have a fun collection of ‘feel good’ films produced by the young filmmakers in their studio groups.


We’re already excited to celebrate and share them with with family, friends and the Sparks community.

We’ll update on their progress throughout the term, here on the blog. We’ll share some insights from behind the scenes and on their film sets, as well as some of their creative learning from the process. We’re really excited to see what they come up with, and most of all, we’re delighted to see our young crews back in action! 
Welcome back to Classes
Welcome back to Classes