Watch the February Half Term “Survival Instincts” Movies


In February half term, young movie makers set about producing their own action-adventure movie productions in the ‘Survival Instincts’ camp. 


Over three days, the movie makers explored techniques including stunts, suspense building and how to craft dramatic action sequences. The young crews devised their own storylines. They also shot, directed, crewed and starred in their productions. They’ve created some fantastic work, which shows off lots of creativity, imagination and plenty of hard work! 


We’ve been really impressed by their imagination – we think that this collection is one of the strongest ever produced by crews in a half term workshop. We really take our hats off to the movie makers involved, as they’ve created some really special films and should feel very proud of themselves! 


Along with the productions, you can also take a look behind the scenes as the crews worked on their films. 


We hope you enjoy watching!