Watch All the Movies from the Saturday Shoots Production Term


After their impressive Red Carpet Premiere debut, we’re excited to share all the productions made by young filmmakers at the Saturday Shoots. 


In the Summer Term (April – July 2019), the young crews taking part in the Saturday Shoots worked hard to produce cinematic movie masterpieces. 


We asked the filmmakers to vote for their choice of three technical masterclasses.


The filmmakers then took part in specialist sessions exploring Screenwriting, Production Design and Sound Design. In an extended production project, which took place over the rest of the term, they applied all their new knowledge and skills to their filmmaking. 


We are so overwhelmed by the results. The films showcase all their creative and technical talents, as well as their skills development throughout the year. 


Our team felt that these are some of the strongest productions ever made by Saturday Shoots crews. We couldn’t help but praise the attention to detail and the inclusion of so many perfect production details. We were incredibly impressed by their creativity, originality and sense of fun. 


In the gallery, you’ll find films from crew members in Studio 2 (ages 7-9) through to Studio 5 (ages 14-18). It was so much fun to work on them over the term. We’re delighted to be able to share them. 


We’d like to say an enormous “well done” and “congratulations” to all the crew members, for all their incredible achievements!


We very much hope you enjoy watching the films! 

About the Saturday Shoots: 


Saturday Shoots are our weekly term time filmmaking classes for children and teenagers. There are courses for ages 5-18.*

Filmmakers explore all the different areas of filmmaking and develop their creativity, skills and confidence as they work on their own film productions. 

The Saturday Shoots are ideal for children who have a passion for film, or for filmmakers looking to develop skills and knowledge acquired from holiday camps. 

We start up for a new term of classes on 21st September 2019.

We have a few spaces available for young filmmakers to join us. If you’d be interested to take part, take a look here >>>


* Not every centre runs each age group. Take a look at your nearest location for details >>>