The Sparks Balham Crews Are Back – In Real Life!

Today, we’ve welcomed the young crew members of Sparks Balham back to face-to-face classes. It’s been incredible to see everyone back in real life.

For the past month, over Lockdown 2, the crews have been working online. Though they have done an impressive job and worked brilliantly well online, we’re delighted to be back in face-to-face classes and making movies together.

Feel Good Films

The Sparks Balham filmmaking crews are working on ‘Feel Good’ film productions. Under the brief for this term, they’re busy exploring ‘feel good’ techniques. They are working on productions to uplift and warm our hearts. 

Today has been very productive, with Studios 2, 3, 4 and 5 all meeting to work on their films. It’s been a day of multiple set ups, multiple locations and lots of costume changes too. It’s felt like a very busy day. All the crews have been working hard and getting lots of footage shot. It’s been a joy to watch them all work creatively. 

The crews will be working for two more weeks to finish this term’s productions, as part of this term’s filmmaking classes.

We’re very excited to see how this term’s film productions turn out. We’re always wowed by their imaginations and storytelling, but we know this term has given them some new production challenges. As well as working online for their classes, they’ve also been shooting lots of footage from home – including lots of shots that feature pets! (Notoriously difficult at taking direction!) We think this term’s work will have lots of character and originality, so we’re wishing them all the best of luck as they complete their film projects. 

Sparks Balham:

Sparks Balham run weekly filmmaking classes for kids, as well as fun filmmaking holiday camps. It was the launchpad for Sparks, home of the first film school from 2010. 

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