Not long to go now until our ‘Licenced to Thrill’ movie making course at Easter. To help give our young filmmakers some inspiration, we’ve listed our Top 5 Thriller films made by our members:

Hide and Seek

A film inspired by a game of consequences. We love this thriller/horror from last term’s Saturday sessions!


Produced by our Studio Startups in Balham, ‘Tundra’ follows scientists on an expedition in the Arctic that goes horribly wrong. Eeek!

Camp 6

A post-apocalyptic ‘found footage’ style film, following the past and current lives of camp-members at Camp 6.

Who Am I?

An action-thriller of a mysterious on-the-run criminal, produced by our Studio 3 and Startups members in Highgate.

Rooms of Mystery

A silent film following two detectives who try to solve the mystery of disappearing individuals. Great work by our Studio Two members in Balham!

For more inspiration, take a look at our YouTube channel here. If you know of a young filmmaker who’d like to join us, get in touch! You can either give us a call on 020 7101 9329 or say [email protected]