Behind the Scenes this October Half Term!

Young filmmakers taking part in ‘The Curse of the Forbidden Tomb’ are busy making action-packed thriller movies.

Filmmakers aged between 7 and 11 are making an epic movie set in an ancient Egyptian tomb.

October Half Term Camp

Through the half term camp, the crews have been busy producing their movies. They’ve devised their storylines – each group is producing a unique movie based on their own ideas. The crews have been focusing on building suspense. They’ve also been using plenty of mystery to drive the adventure.

Along the way, movie makers have been building up some fundamental filmmaking skills. The crews have explored how to use different shot types. They’ve also looked at how to set up different angles and how to craft film sequences.

October Half Term Camp

They’ve stepped into all the crew roles you’ll find on a ‘professional’ filmset. They’ve been taking turns at directing and operating the camera. Together, they’ve been shooting their footage and crewing their productions. They also star in all the onscreen roles too. It’s been great to see them get stuck into all their scenes and pull together as a team. 

As well as all the key filmmaking skills they’ve been learning, the crews have also been working hard on producing lots of fun design elements. They’ve been building ancient Egyptian artworks, including a sarcophagus and hieroglyphic-filled tomb walls, which will help to bring their films to life. We’ve been really impressed by all their creative costumes and props!

Oct Half Term Camp

They’ve spent a productive three days shooting all their scenes. The productions are now ready for editing, where they will become a fully-fledged movie production. We’ve been really impressed by all the crews’ ideas and all their creativity whilst filming, we’re excited to see their finished projects.

We’ll update once their films are ready to watch!