That’s a Wrap – 2021’s Summer Camps Come to an End

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part in 2021’s Summer Shoots camps!

It’s been a summer of so much creativity, fun and fantastic filmmaking. We have loved every second, we hope you have too!

Summer Camps

This year’s summer camps saw over 600 young movie makers take part in the Sparks Summer Shoots. The young movie makers have produced so many incredible, unique movie productions.

All the young crews came up with imaginative story ideas and creative characters. They directed, shot, crewed and edited, not to mention starred in, their movies until they were all ready to be watch and enjoyed! Every single production is original and demonstrates a huge range of creativity on the part of the crews. There are so many fun adventures to follow, lots of comedy, action, drama and even more. 

Summer Camps 2021

Making a movie is no small feat. It takes time, perseverance, creativity, problem-solving, dedication, imagination and more than anything – teamwork. All of this young movie makers have shown all that in spades! We are so incredibly proud of them all and so honoured to be able to present so many special movie productions, made entirely by hundreds of young movie makers.

Summer Camps for Teenagers

Mashing Up the Genres!

The theme for this year’s summer camps was Mash It Up. The theme challenged young movie makers to take different styles or genres and fuse them together into something new and unique.

We’ve loved seeing them take classic genres like Westerns and Sci-Fi and bring lots of 21st century wow to them. We’ve seen all sorts of different story ideas and styles come together in a wonderful explosion of creativity. 

Summer Camps 2021

Celebrating Skills and Achievements

For all the young movie makers, taking part in this summer’s camps has offered the chance for them to develop their skills, to flex their creativity, run wild with their imaginations. As well as making movies, they’ve also been making friends.

After the last couple of years, it’s been so much fun to see everyone working together, smiling, laughing and having fun. The sun might not have been beaming very consistently this summer, but all the summer camp movie makers truly have been!

We want to say a huge thank you and well done to all the movie makers involved in the summer camps this year. We look forward to seeing you for the upcoming Awards Ceremony! 

Until then, we hope you enjoy watching your movies and we hope you have a fantastic end to the summer holidays!

Sparks Summer Camps

Summer Camps 2022

The Summer Shoots will be back next year for another summer season of epic movie making. We’ll be announcing the theme in early 2022 and we’ll share when bookings are open.

There will also be plenty of movie making fun to be had during the half term holidays, starting with October half term. During the October holidays, we’ll be off on a series of space adventures, with movie makers creating their own intergalactic sci-fi movies.

For more details on what we have coming up before next year’s summer camps, take a look at our holiday camp programme here.