Congratulations to all the Easter Camp Crews – That’s a Wrap!

After five days of movie making fun, the Easter camps have come to a close. Congratulations to all the young movie makers, it’s been such a fun week of creativity and making things happen! 

For their last day, the movie makers have finished off any of their last scenes, including any reshoots. They’ve finalised their edits and also produced some interesting credit sequences – for the Codename Confidential movie makers, in true James Bond style. 

It’s been a fantastic week. All the crew members have worked so hard to bring their visions to life. At the start of the week, the movie makers were just getting to know each other, but they’re now a fully fledged team who have supported one another through the week’s challenges and triumphs. 

Earlier this week, the movie makers came up with their ideas for their original productions. They developed them and planned out how their movie would look, taking into account their sets and locations, as well as their production design including props and costumes. They storyboarded their work and then set about filming. 

They’ve all learned what it takes to work on a film set. Each of the movie makers has stepped into the various professional roles of director, camera crew, production crew and even more. They’ve edited their scenes and gone through the whole process of putting together a movie production from scratch. 

We’re so incredibly proud of them and of all their achievements this week. They’ve all shown off their talents, their creativity, their teamwork and their commitment. Everyone should feel truly very proud of themselves and their work. 

We’ll be following up with some more insights from behind the scenes, including some interviews with the Easter camp cast and crew members. We’ll also shortly be sharing their productions – watch this space!