Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part this summer.

This will be one we’ll always remember – for lots of positive reasons… 


We Made Movies All Over the World

This summer, we delivered our first ever online camps and got to work with talented young filmmakers in a completely new way. This was amazing and we loved setting up creative projects all across the world!

We had no idea if our style of filmmaking workshop could work online or not, but our online camps have been a huge success. We’ve had such encouraging feedback from young filmmakers and their families. We’ve helped lots of young people gain Arts Award qualifications and we’ve learned a thing or two in the process as well. 


We Got to Open the Summer Shoots

We had so much for with the Summer Shoots.

Wearing PPE, walking one way, operating in bubbles etc all seemed a bit second nature, and along with so much energy and enthusiasm, there was such care and responsibility towards one another. It was just a joy.

Thank you so much to all the young filmmakers taking part. Whether online, or at the Summer Shoots, you’ve made our year and it’s been so wonderful to make movies with you. 


We’re Hosting a Film Festival

We’ll be hosting our first ever online film festival in just a few weeks, which gives us a wonderful challenge to focus on. We can’t wait to share all the incredible films.

With our online camps and with this project, we’ve been pushed right out of our comfort zones, but as we’ve always said to our filmmakers, that’s where you find new ideas and inspiration. This year has given us the opportunity to truly practice what we preach and we now have so many new opportunities to explore in the future. 

We think there is lots of potential here to help young filmmakers connect with each other with their work, as well as to explore the digital space and possibilities. We’re excited to start trying things out! 

We Have So Many Things to Look Forward To:

We want to carry on making positive memories for the rest of 2020. 

We’re about to run our last summer camp (an online one) of the season, which (now we know what we’re doing!) we’re really looking forward to.

We’re also excited to start back with our weekly classes from September and welcome lots of our longterm filmmakers back again and working on projects. We feel as though there are lots of creative ideas and stories to tell, just waiting for the chance to come to life, so we’re looking forward to turning that tap on! 

We also have lots of fun projects lined up for October Half Term, with some new themes to get stuck into. For the first time, we’ll be exploring ancient mummies – so lots of costume design adventures! – and some ghost hunting mysteries. 

We also have a number of other projects lined up behind the scenes, which we can’t wait to share details about. We’ll be posting details soon… 

Again, because we can’t say it enough, thank you to all the filmmakers who have joined us over the last couple of months. We are so thankful to you and grateful for the chance to help you make movies.