Movie Making Summer Camps in Kensington


It’s been a fantastic week of movie making at the first Summer Shoots camp in Kensington.

Crew members are working hard towards their productions. So far this week, the young filmmakers have taken part in skill-building filmmaking workshops. They have storylined their film and written their scripts. Now, the filmmakers are shooting through their storyboards, collecting as much footage as they can for their movie productions. 

The crews are involved in every aspect of the process. They take turns at directing the different sequences and scenes, as well as crewing the different production departments. They’ve been putting their photography skills to good use, as well as acting in all the on-screen roles too. 

They have just a day left to finish their movies. Tomorrow, they will edit some of their scenes and capture any last minute shots. In the afternoon, they will be presenting their work to an invited audience of family and friends. 

Good luck to all the crew members for their last day on the film set! 


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