Movie Making Summer Camps in Dulwich


The Summer Shoots are underway! It’s the first week of movie making summer camps, with the first Shoot taking place in Dulwich.

Young movie makers (ages 7 – 14) are busy working on their own unique movie productions.

Earlier this week, the young crews focused on developing their filmmaking skills. They came up with story ideas, responding to this year’s theme of ‘The Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares’. After working on their plots, characters and scripts, the young film crews are now busy shooting their scenes. They are each taking on the roles of director, camera crew, production crew and screen actors.

Everybody is working hard and contributing their best creative ideas and team work to the process. They have almost finished filming. Soon, they will be moving on to editing their work, so that they can share it with family at the end of the week.

We’re wishing them good luck as they wrap up and get ready to present their work! 

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