Welcome to the Movie Makers in Kensington!


This week is the start of Summer Shoots – our summer movie making camps – in Kensington. Young filmmakers, aged between 7 and 14, are teaming up to produce their own unique movie productions. 

The crews were off to a great start yesterday. In age-tiered crews, they worked on lots of film sequences to build up their fundamental filmmaking skills. They’ve explored different shot types and angles, as well as how to tell stories connected to the theme of dreams and nightmares. 

It’s been a fantastic first day, full of fun and creativity. Tomorrow the crews will set about ‘pre-production’ on their films. They’ll be busy developing their storylines and writing scripts. They’ll also be drawing out storyboards to map out their shots and spending some time designing their sets and costumes. 

By the end of the day, they will be ready to start shooting. We’ll be updating the blog with their progress throughout the week, so check back soon for more updates! 

Good luck to each of the crew members taking part this week!  


For more info on the Summer Shoots, take a look here >>>