Welcome to the Movie Makers in Hampstead! 


Yesterday marked the start of the Summer Shoots in Hampstead.

Young filmmakers taking part in the movie making summer camps are getting started on making their own movie productions. 

In age-tiered crews, the filmmakers have been exploring professional crew roles as well as developing their fundamental film skills. Throughout the day, they have been working on creative film sequences to bring out their ideas and imaginations, as well as practicing their camera work. 

Tomorrow the crews will get started on pre-production, where they will script and storyboard their films. They will also spend some time on production design, working on props, sets and costumes. From Wednesday they’ll be ready to shoot, so that they can film all their scenes and edit their work, ready to present in a sharing on Friday. 

We’ll be updating the blog with their progress. Good luck to all the crews taking part! 


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