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Film Production Summer Courses for Teenagers 

Summer Courses for Ages 11-14 / 14-18


“The best holiday course they’ve ever been on.” 

Emma Murphy, parent

Summer Camps for Teenagers

Inspirational Summer Courses for Young Filmmakers


Summer Shoots are action-packed, film production summer courses for teenagers.

For young people who love film and who want to further their skills, the Summer Shoots are a chance to learn real-world film production skills.

Young filmmakers taking part in our filmmaking summer courses produce a unique film production and meet like-minded filmmakers to collaborate with.

Filmmakers join a production crew for the week. They take part in skill-building masterclasses to develop their talents and skills. They explore the whole process, from pitching ideas and screenwriting, through to shooting their production and editing it too.

Every stage is practical, with plenty of opportunity to try things out and master specific filmmaking skills. 

By the end of the week, the crews will have produced their own original short film production to add to their portfolios. 

“Finally, a summer camp that she actually wants to come to!

I’m thrilled and she’s loving it.”

Alexandra Veest, parent

Summer Camps for Teenagers - Filmmaking Camps for Teenagers

Learn What it Takes to Produce a Film Professionally…

During the week, young filmmakers can expect to learn skills in:

✅   Directing 

✅   Cinematography & Camera Operation

✅   Acting for Camera

✅   Production Crewing

✅   Script & Screenwriting 

✅   Producing 

✅   Pre-Production 

✅   Sound Production 

✅   Video Editing using Final Cut Pro X 

✅   Visual FX 

✅  Production Design & Art Direction 

✅   How to work as a professional crew 

Filmmakers work with specialist filmmaking workshop instructors throughout the process (all professionals within film/TV).

Our team help them to devise and develop ideas and treatments, before guiding them through the full production process.

They also have access to plenty of high quality filmmaking equipment, including cameras and lenses, tripods and grip, lighting, sound equipment and green screen set up. 

By the end of the summer course, the filmmakers proudly share their work with family in a special screening presentation.

“My son loves filmmaking and this has given him a taste of what it takes.

He’s loved every minute.”

David Clarke, parent


Creative & Technical Learning 

All filmmaking activities during the summer courses are hands-on and practical. 

Under guidance from our team of specialist filmmaking instructors, the crews work to produce their own film production completely from scratch. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute towards the different production areas.

We welcome along any level of experience. Our team is highly experienced and makes sure everyone is working at the right level to grow their skills.   

Summer Camps for Teenagers Young Filmmakers

Project-Based Learning

All Sparks filmmaking activities are underpinned by Project-Based Learning methodologies, which means we support learning by immersing filmmakers in real life projects.

The young filmmakers work on every single aspect of production. They take on all the production’s creative roles and responsibilities, which provides a real sense of ownership and personal achievement.

It also facilitates strong skills development in areas of problem solving, taking responsibility, leadership, communication and teamwork.

Summer Camps for Teenagers - Film Screening

Grow Your Portfolio

By the end of the week, filmmakers will have produced a unique and original short film production to add to their portfolios.

This can help with applications to colleges and university, as well as film school or drama school, or building showreels for industry work.

Previous productions have also seen success at international film festivals. Find out about our 2019 trip to the Youth Film Festival in Prague here >>>

Summer Courses for Teenagers - Screenwriting

Find Fellow Filmmakers 

Summer Shoots offer the chance for young filmmakers to find fellow, like-minded filmmakers to collaborate with.

There is plenty of social opportunity for filmmakers, alongside working on their productions. 

Filmmakers can form lifelong friendships, which helps with boosting confidence as well as helping to develop a network of future collaborators.  


Studio System: Summer Courses for Teenagers

Filmmakers work in film crews working at different levels called ‘Studios’.

Each Studio increases in skill level and technicality with age and experience:

Studio 4: Ages 11-14 / School Years 7-9

In Studio 4, filmmakers begin to work as a professional film crew.

They explore all the roles and responsibilities, developing lots of skills and techniques.

They explore advanced cinematography techniques, including shot composition and framing.

“It’s skills for life, really.” Oskar, age 13

Studio 5: Ages 14-18 / School Years 10-13

In Studio 5, young filmmakers hone their skills and techniques, developing a professional skillset. They take on greater responsibilities and work with more independence to develop productions with flair, imagination and impressive production techniques. 


“When I joined, I knew nothing about filmmaking. It really opened my mind up to how much you can do with a camera and an idea.” Patrick, age 16

For details of our summer courses for younger children, please see here >>>

Summer Camps for Teenagers - Filmmaking Camps

Summer Courses for Teenagers


Dates & Locations

Each summer course runs from Monday to Friday.

Each day runs from 9am – 3pm, or similar.

Summer courses for teenagers are available at individual Sparks film school locations.

Please take a look at your nearest film school for details of available dates.

Summer Courses Availability:

Maximum per Studio = 12 Filmmakers per group

Instructor Ratio = 1:8

Available dates, times and fees vary depending on each Sparks film school location. Please see your nearest film school for details.

Due to our small group sizes, our summer courses for teenagers can fill quickly.

We recommend booking ASAP.

Summer Courses Enrolment:

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We accept payment by:

Credit or Debit Cards

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We also welcome payment in instalments. Simply contact us to arrange an instalment plan.

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