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Movie Making Summer Camps Wandsworth

Unforgettable Summer Fun for Ages 7-11


“The best holiday course they’ve ever been on.” 

Emma Murphy, parent

Sparks | Summer Shoots - Movie Making Summer Camps

Action-Packed Summer Camps Wandsworth


Take part in the Summer Shoots – action-packed, one-of-a-kind movie making summer camps for kids, based at Swaffield Primary School in Wandsworth. 

Young movie makers develop their talents and skills, from both behind and in front of the camera. 

During the weeklong summer camp, they produce and star in their own unique movie production, based all around their own ideas.

Each week is an incredible creative experience, full of fun, imagination and the chance to do something truly special this summer.

“Finally, a summer camp that she actually wants to come to!

I’m thrilled and she’s loving it.”

Alexandra Veest, parent

Sparks Film Schools - Kids Film Classes

Make a Unique Movie in a Week

The Summer Shoots offer incredible creative experiences and skills development for young filmmakers.

During the week, children taking part learn all about movie making, from directing, to camera, acting, scriptwriting, editing and more. They discover what it’s like to produce a movie as a real film crew and what life is like on a real movie set. 

We support the movie makers to express their ideas. Throughout the week, they direct, shoot and crew each of their scenes, where they work together as a team. Everyone taking part takes away lots of new experiences, as well as developing new skills.

They work in small crews (up to 12 children per age group) with our specialist filmmaking workshop leaders, who support them to bring their visions to life. 

The young filmmakers love taking on the creative responsibilities as they work just like a professional film crew. They love to take ownership over their production and shape it into something special and unique.

It’s ideal for building creative skills, boosting confidence and making new friends. 

At the end of the summer camp, the filmmakers proudly share their work with family.

“My son rated his day 10 million out of 10!”

Helen Eastman, parent

Creative & Technical Learning at Summer Camps Wandsworth

All our summer camp activities are hands-on and practical. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute towards the different production areas (e.g. scriptwriting, acting, or editing) and grow their skills.

Under guidance from our team, the young film crews work to produce their own movie from scratch. They learn about all the different aspects of film production and work together on real projects. 

We welcome along any level of experience to the summer camps. Our team are all highly experienced and ensure everyone is working at the right level to grow their skills.   

Exceptional Learning Environments

Our summer camps provide a fantastic creative learning experience for young filmmakers.

Summer Camps Wandsworth prioritise quality and opportunity for everyone taking part.

Small Class Sizes…

Our class size is just 12 filmmakers per Studio, which means everyone has plenty of opportunity to contribute and experience all the crew roles.

Everyone receives plenty of personalised attention.

Qualified Filmmaking Instructors…

All our team are well qualified, experienced professionals from a mix of film/TV and arts/media education backgrounds. We don’t work with volunteers or under-qualified staff.

Everyone we work with is passionate, highly skilled and enjoys sharing their love for filmmaking with children and young people.

All the team is DBS checked and receives specific training in Safeguarding, as well as in how to deliver the unique Sparks programme.

We’re also Ofsted registered, with qualified First Aiders on site at all times.

High Staff Ratios…

Our typical ratio is 1: 8, although in practice it is often higher.

With younger children, our ratio is a maximum of 1: 6.

Plenty of Equipment…

We provide all the equipment needed throughout the summer camps. There is plenty available to each group throughout their whole journey.

Studio System at Summer Camps Wandsworth

The Sparks Studio System at summer camps Wandsworth enables children and teenagers to develop all the key skills and creativity needed for movie making.

We welcome children aged 7-11*, at any level of experience, to join and develop their skillset.

* Summer Camps for Ages 5-7 and 11+ are available at our sister branch in Balham

Studio 1: Ages 5-7 / School Years 1-2

In Studio 1, the approach is playful and imaginative. Filmmakers explore storytelling, drama, camera activities, making and painting (props and scenery) and sound. Together to make a fun film production. 


“Filmmaking makes me happy.” Dylan, age 6

Film Classes for Kids | Sparks Film and Media Arts | Filmmaking Classes and Holiday Camps

Studio 2: Ages 7-9 / School Years 3-4

In Studio 2, filmmakers discover how to work as a film crew and how to get all of their ideas across in the production.

They learn skills in each of the crew roles and have fun devising their own storylines, characters and scripts. 

“Best. Time. Ever” Jessie, age 9

Studio 3: Ages 9-11 / School Years 5-6

In Studio 3, filmmakers explore creative and technical skills and develop their knowledge of film techniques.

They take on responsibilities as directors, camera operators and crew, as well as exploring different ways to tell their stories on screen.


“I enjoy directing others to do their best performances.” Mya, age 11

Studio 4: Ages 11-14 / School Years 7-9

In Studio 4, filmmakers begin to work as a professional film crew. They explore all the roles and responsibilities, developing lots of skills and techniques.

They explore advanced camera techinques, shot composition and share their own individual voices as filmmakers.


“It’s skills for life, really.” Oskar, age 13

Studio 5: Ages 14-18 / School Years 10-13

In Studio 5, young filmmakers hone their skills and techniques, developing a professional skillset. They take on greater responsibilities and work with more independence to develop productions with flair, imagination and impressive production techniques. 


“When I joined, I knew nothing about filmmaking. It really opened my mind up to how much you can do with a camera and an idea.” Patrick, age 16

Summer Camps Wandsworth – Dates & Availability:

02 – 06 August 2021

9am – 3pm | Ages 7 – 11

Swaffield Primary School, St Ann’s Hill, Wandsworth, SW18 2SA

Fees: £365.00 per week | Siblings: £328.50 per child per week (quote ‘sibling’ when booking)

16 – 20 August 2021 

9am – 3pm | Ages 7 – 11 

Swaffield Primary School, St Ann’s Hill, Wandsworth, SW18 2SA

Fees: £365.00 per week | Siblings: £328.50 per child per week (quote ‘sibling’ when booking)

Please note, owing to our small class sizes, our summer camps fill up very quickly.

Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

We recommend booking ASAP to avoid disappointment.

We welcome bookings using Childcare Vouchers. 

How to Register for Summer Camps Wandsworth:

Please register for Tameside summer camps online via the online booking system >>>

We accept payment by credit or debit card.

We also accept childcare vouchers.

If you would like to arrange payment in instalments, please contact us.

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