The Summer Shoots – our movie making summer camps – are almost here! 

We’re so excited to work with lots of young movie makers this summer.

In the summer camps, we help young movie makers to express their ideas and to create their own one-of-a-kind productions in an action-packed week. They explore every aspect of making a movie, from scriptwriting, directing, shooting through to editing, all to produce their own unique movies. 

Every year we introduce a new creative theme to inspire the movie makers taking part. The theme encourages creative thinking and helps them to channel their ideas. It also guides exploration of new techniques, styles and content. 

Summer Camps 2021: This Year’s Theme… 

This year, we’re asking movie makers to Mash It Up.

We want them to take two different ideas, styles, genres or conventions and blend them into something fun and unique. 

Want to make a musical period drama? Go for it!

Want to make a hilarious horror movie? We want to see it!

A Robot reality show? Absolutely! 

Under this theme, movie makers can take their wildest ideas and mash them together to create something truly fun and surprising. Like an ice cream sundae – with some added popping candy! 

Wondering what we mean? There are some fantastic, ground-breaking examples. What about Star Wars, a collection of dynastic Sci-Fi Westerns? Or Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet, a classic Shakespearean tragedy produced in the style of a MTV 1990’s music video? Or The Nightmare Before Christmas

The whole idea is to take two completely different ideas or genres and to have fun with mixing them together.

We know all our movie makers have wonderful big ideas, so we can’t wait to see what they come up with this time! 


Mash It Up: Exploring Genres…

As part of the summer camps’ movie making activities, we’ll be including some work on different genres, styles and conventions.

We’ll have a look at all the key staples of action, comedy, drama, fairytale, horror, Sci-Fi, silent movies and more.

The movie makers will be able to take their favourites and celebrate all the things we love about different movie genres, and switch up some of the things we don’t. 


Mash It Up: Blending Styles…

The movie makers will have a challenge in bringing together their main ingredients, or styles, and blending them into a cohesive whole. 

They’ll explore editing techniques, designed to help amplify style and draw out contrast. They’ll also have to think about directing their vision so it has a clear sense of storytelling and feels exciting to watch. 

This can be a tricky feat, even for established movie makers, but we’re excited to see how the movie makers shape their productions with fun and creativity. 


Mash It Up: Realising their Ideas… 

In the summer camps, the movie makers will only have five days in which to produce and craft their movies, which means working quickly and working together effectively as a team.

The young crews will need to develop their story ideas, finalise a script and a storyboard, rehearse, shoot and then edit their work by the end of the week. There is a lot to do, from casting and crewing the set, to designing costumes and figuring out the sound track. 

We’re always so impressed by how the young crews take on a professional ‘can do’ attitude towards getting things done (we should also say we’re also always impressed by how each of our team of workshop leaders make this happen). We look forward to seeing them all create and enjoy all the moments that go into crafting their productions. We’re sure there will be lots of work they’ll be proud of this summer! 


Summer Camps: Dates & Availability 

For more information on the movie making summer camps, take a look here >>> 

Summer camps are running at all Sparks film school locations across the summer holidays, so take a look at your nearest film school for details of which dates are available. 

Summer camps always fill up and some locations are now very low on availability. We recommend booking ASAP to be sure of a space. You can register here >>>