Welcome to Sparks - Formerly Studio Film School

Film Classes & Camps for Ages 5-18

Studio Film School is Now Sparks

Founded in 2010, Studio Film School welcomes young filmmakers to classes and camps, where they can develop their skills, talents and imaginations. 

There were initially Studio Film School branches in Balham (South West London), Hampstead (North West London) and Highgate (North London). 

In 2016, Studio Film School rebranded and became Sparks Film and Media Arts. From there, we opened more film schools in Dulwich, Kensington and Weybridge (Surrey). There are now many more Sparks film school locations operating in the UK, all based on the same magic Studio Film School started 11 years ago. 

For more information on all our current filmmaking classes and camps for kids, please take a look at our main website below: 

Studio Film School – About the Rebrand Project 

Sparks used to be known as Studio Film School.

Studio Film School was always a bit of a working name for us. We were never quite in love with it, but it kind of stuck around!

We wanted to rebrand for a long time, but with plenty of filmmaking activities going on, the company was growing rapidly and it never made it to the top of the priorities list.

When we finally made it our priority in 2016, we worked with experts from Form UK to transform ‘Studio Film School’ into ‘Sparks’.

Studio Film School

We wanted a name that represented all the creative energy and enthusiasm that went into our filmmaking workshops; a name that would convey the wonderful sense of creativity evolving with one idea sparking off another and share the joy that shines in the eyes of our young filmmakers when the bulb in their imagination lights up. (A spark is also a really vital role on a film set – they literally light the place up!)

Form developed a brand new logo for us – one that shows off all the incredible things young filmmakers do in our film workshops:

Studio Film School is now Sparks

If you’d like to know more about the design process and Form UK’s approach to our logo, our visual language and branding design, you can find out all the project from them here >>>.

What else changed?

All we really changed at that point was our name (along with things like our website address).

Although we’ve refined a lot of our activities over the last five years, much of our programme is still inspired by the same principle of hands on, creative filmmaking that we developed as Studio Film School.

We still work with many of the same team, lots of whom have been with us since the beginning.

Since then, we have made some updates to our technology, making sure our film class members have access to up-to-date cameras with better resolution and performance etc. We’ve also made some improvements to our film workshop structures: class sizes are now a bit smaller, which helps us to optimise the learning experience for everyone taking part. (This is something we’re continually striving to do).

Are you a Studio Film School Alumnus?

One of our latest developments is our Studio Film School/Sparks alumni network for members who’ve attended over the years, but have now grown up.

Some of our Studio Film School/Sparks alumni come back to share their experiences with our current members and a few have even joined our team! Many are emerging filmmakers, professional actors or are studying film at university or film school level.

We host alumni events and meetups, as well as sharing news with other alumni through our newsletter and online community.

If you’re a former member of Studio Film School (or Sparks), then we’d love to find out what you’re up to now!

Get in touch with us here >>> 

Interested in what we do now?

If you’d like to find out more about what we’re up to now, then take a look at our main website via the link below.

You’ll find details of all our upcoming activities as well as details on all our film school locations (many more than in 2016!).