Filmmaking Classes Starting in January


Registration is open for next term’s filmmaking classes. Classes are opening up from January through to March, with opportunities for new joiners to start. 


New Locations

In addition to a brand new creative theme, there are also filmmaking classes opening up at some brand new Sparks film schools.

Sparks filmmaking classes will be launching in Bournemouth, Chiswick (West London), Dorking, Enfield, East Manchester, Walthamstow (East London) and Wimbledon (South West London).  We’re all very excited to welcome new filmmakers along! 

You can find details on all our new locations, as well as find details of the film classes available at your nearest film school. 


New Themes

Every term, filmmakers have a new creative theme to explore. This term, we’ll be exploring lots of new filmmaking techniques. Young filmmakers taking part learn a whole host of creative skills and production skills, as well as boosting their confidence. They learn all about directing, acting, camera/photography, editing, production design and more. 

The young filmmakers will also be producing their own productions, inspired by the theme and based on their ideas. Every class produces their own unique film production each term, where they take on all the creative responsibilities. 

We always look forward to seeing the young crews’ productions and sharing their work with their families.


How to Register:

Registration is open at all available locations. (We are trying to open everything back up, we have as much activity as possible running, but some film schools are still closed due to the pandemic.) 

You can register for film classes online via the booking system, or contact you nearest film school directly. 

Places are limited (our group sizes are just 12 children per class) so we recommend booking early on to be sure of a space. 


Filmmaking Classes – More Details: 

For more information on our filmmaking classes for ages 5-18, take a look here

We’d love to welcome you along to the spring term!