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Sparks Film School Franchise Partnerships

With more than 25 film schools around the UK, Sparks is the leading film and media provider for children and young people. 

Through our film school franchise opportunities, you can benefit from more than two decades of experience as part of the UK’s largest film school network. 

Sparks Film School Franchises

Why Become a Sparks Film School Franchise Partner?

Life as a Sparks film school franchise partner is fun and rewarding…

✅ Build a creative business that’s fun and makes a difference

✅ Realise fantastic earning potential, with scalability and increasing asset value to the business

✅ Work flexibly around family or other projects. Choose your own working hours, either full or part time

✅ Discover and develop a whole new set of skills, all whilst inspiring others

✅ Join a family of creative film educators. They’ve all been where you are and are ready to support you on your journey

✅ Make an impact. Equip the filmmakers of tomorrow with inspiration, passion and skill 

 Sparks is a growing network of film schools for children and young people.

We opened our first film school in 2010, in Balham, South West London. Word spread, and by 2016, we’d opened six of our own film schools. 

We then started working with film school franchise partners, so that we could offer our unique filmmaking courses to children all over the UK. 

There are now 27 Sparks film schools in the UK, with more set to launch this year. 

Our film school franchise partnerships enable creative, motivated people to open film schools in their own local area.

Each film school franchise offers a unique business opportunity, fantastic financial potential and a chance to be join the leading brand in film and media activities for children and young people. 

In recent years, demand for filmmaking classes has soared. With the film industry in the UK growing, there is increased employment opportunity and more demand than ever before for film and media training. 

Sparks Film School Franchises

Why a Sparks Film School Franchise?

As a film school franchise partner with Sparks, you’ll benefit from…

An established, trusted brand with 12 years of success and a proven business model

Decades of know-how, processes and systems, which have all been tried and tested by us (including many, many mistakes we can help you can avoid)

A generous, exclusive territory based on 200,000 people, this offers the potential for 2-3 separate film school locations

A network of fantastic franchise partners all ready to share the journey with you

✅ Film school franchise startup package including equipment, marketing support and materials, comprehensive training, trade memberships and discounts

What is the Financial Potential?

Each Sparks film school franchise territory offers the potential for an outstanding return on investment.

Each territory area has the potential to generate high net profits per year along with an increasing asset value.

There are also options to scale to multiple film schools or additional territory areas. 

Franchise finance is available. For more details on the financial potential, please download our brochure.


*The figures provided indicate likely profit margins and expenses at stated turnover levels, which have been experienced by the franchisor within its own operations. The figures do not represent a guarantee, financial performance will always be based on the performance of individual franchisees.

** Asset value range is based on a 3-5x multiplier of the sample EBITDA, range taken from the six franchise locations owned and operated by the franchisor. 

Sparks Film School Franchises

Could you run a Sparks film school?

We look for people with the following skills and attributes:

✅  People with a genuine interest in film and working with children/young people

✅  Creative skills and/or background

✅  Individuals based within their local community

✅  Willingness to undergo background checks, including a DBS check

✅  People who are ambitious and interested in their own career development

Training & Support

We provide full training in all aspects of teaching film classes and running the film school franchise operation, so don’t worry if you haven’t taught before or if you’re new to running a business. 

The training includes an initial programme of 10 days, which covers how to deliver Sparks workshops, along with all the aspects of running the business. It also includes First Aid training, Safeguarding training and some practical filmmaking training too.

Training takes place mostly online, with 2 in-person practical training days. 

There is also plenty of support along the way. We organise regular training updates, meetups and social events and you have access to designated franchise support from Head Office.

For more details on our training and support package, please download the brochure below. 

Sparks Film School Franchises

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