All the latest from the Sparks Filmmaking Classes…

Creative production planning is well underway in this term’s Sparks filmmaking classes.

Young filmmakers taking part in Sparks weekly film classes are making ‘feel good films‘. (You can see a selection of some of our favourite inspirations here.) They’re exploring techniques for telling heartwarming stories, creating light-hearted comedy and producing their own original uplifting films. 


For the last couple of weeks, the young crews have been working online…

They have responded brilliantly – and resiliently – to the challenge. So far, they’ve made great progress in exploring some specific camera techniques and building their plot lines. Strong storytelling is a key element in making feel good films, so the crews have been working hard on their stories and scripts. We’ve been so impressed by how well they’ve been collaborating, especially working online – it’s all felt very professional! 


The crews are all working in their Studio groups:

In Sparks filmmaking classes, Studios are age-tiered groups. Each Studio works on productions and developing skills as part of a progressive system of workshops. Each Studio will produce their own film masterpiece, with their own original and unique storyline, as well as their own individual directing and production for each one.

There is a fantastic mix of feel good stories.

In Studios 2 (ages 7-9) and 3 (ages 9-11), filmmakers are producing two films. One follows an underdog’s journey through a talent show competition. The second features a virtual reality themed adventure set inside a computer game. All the groups have been really ambitious. They are determined not to let a little thing like Lockdown 2 stand in the way of them making some incredibly imaginative films this term! 

In Studio 4, filmmakers aged 11-14 are crafting two light-hearted comedies. One story is a Zoom-based comedy of errors, using lots of farce techniques. There is also a video-call ‘whodunit’ mystery movie, inspired by ‘Rear Window’. (Both of which, we can’t wait to see!) 

More to come…

The crews are planning on two more weeks of online working. During this time, they’ll be working independently to produce footage based on their storyboards. After lockdown, they’ll meet up face-to-face to shoot all their group scenes. The filmmakers will finish their productions by the end of term. 

We’ll continue to update on their progress. The filmmakers still have lots to do, but we’re sure that they’ll continue to produce some amazing work. We look forward to their finished film productions. We can’t wait to see everyone back again on Saturday!