Our newest film schools – Sparks in Enfield and Sparks in Walthamstow – are set to launch with their first workshops on Monday!

For October Half Term, the two new schools will be taking crew members off on scary movie adventures! The newest crew members to Sparks will be busy producing epic thriller movies. The half term productions will be set in the tomb of an Ancient Egyptian pharoah. Older crews will also be involved in making a paranormal themed ghosthunting mockumentary movie! Both projects are set to be tons of fun. There are plenty of spooky special fx and production design to get stuck into. We can’t wait to see what the new crews produce! 

The two newest schools are led by extended members of the Sparks family:

Sparks in Enfield is managed by Angelie Stephens. Angelie is one of our most trusted and imaginative workshop instructors. She has led sessions at our Highgate film school for more than three years. She’s now very excited to work with young filmmakers in her home town of Enfield.

Sparks in Walthamstow is managed by Louisa Cunningham, a specialist in media education and training for 16-19 year olds. Louisa’s daughter has attended Sparks classes for many years. She is now delighted to be offering local filmmaking classes to children in Walthamstow.

We’re excited to welcome brand new groups of filmmakers to the Sparks movie making experience. In holiday camps, the young filmmakers are completely immersed in the creative process…

They work collaboratively to devise their own storylines. They step into all the crew roles you find on a real film set – Director, Camera Crew, Production Crew to name just a few. They also work hard in front of the camera and star in their productions too. They’ll have just three days to produce an original and unique movie. It’s no mean feat, but we’re sure that under the guidance of Angelie and Louisa, they’re going to make some fantastic films to share with their families and friends.

How to Join In:

Camps are running from 26-28 October.

There are a few spaces still available (as at time of writing on Friday). If you’d like to learn more about what the crews get up to, take a look here >>>. 

Both film schools will also be introducing weekly filmmaking classes for children and teens from Janaury. They’ll also be running half term camps in future holidays, so there will be lots to get involved with.

If you’d be interested to learn more about Sparks classes in either Enfield or Walthamstow, you can contact them for details on upcoming classes and courses below:

Contact Sparks Enfield >>>

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