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Sparks Film and Media Arts inspires, educates and empowers children and young people through participatory film and media arts projects.

Our schools workshops offer enrichment opportunities, cross-curricular learning and support practical skills development.

Schools Workshops - Sparks Film and Media Workshops for Schools

Schools Workshops: Projects for Schools & Colleges

Our schools workshops help teachers in the UK to provide practical, engaging and inspiring film and media opportunities to their students.

We work with schools and colleges in the UK to deliver film and media workshops that help to build skills, enhance learning and broaden career horizons.

We offer both structured schools workshop programmes and bespoke packages. 

All of our schools workshops encourage creativity and collaboration, alongside practical skills in film and media.

“Thank you for all your work this term with the filmmaking club. As ever, the boys have gained a huge amount from the sessions which I know you continue to lead with real dedication and professionalism.”

Ed Wickstead

Deputy Head, Dulwich College Junior School

Who do we work with? 

Our schools workshops help primary, secondary and independent schools to offer engaging, educational film and media activities for their students. 

We welcome learners at Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 5 to take part in practical film and media activities.

Our schools workshops can support with curricular learning, cross-curricular programmes, enrichment and with after-school or extra-curricular clubs.

We can also work with teachers to provide CPD activities or work with the wider school community through events and outreach. 

Curricular & Cross-Curricular Programmes

Our schools workshops can support with curricular learning in film and media studies, as well as in support of English and Literacy, or specific subject areas. 

We have programmes that encourage students to learn about film and media, as well as through film and media. 

Our schools workshops can also support PHSE topics and school calendar events, as well as school productions and enrichment activities. 

Schools Workshops - Sparks Film and Media Workshops for Schools
Schools Workshops - After School Filmmaking Clubs for Schools

Extra-Curricular Schools Workshops & School Clubs

Sparks extra-curricular schools workshops include film and media clubs for primary, secondary and independent schools.

Film and media clubs can run at any time of the day, including after school clubs.

Our extra-curricular club programmes can operate on a peripatetic or school-organised basis. 

We can also provide schools workshops to support other extra-curricular activities. Our film programmes include supporting students to produce school videos, film school productions or other school events. 

Sparks Film and Media Schools Workshops - Teacher CPD

Teacher CPD

As well as students, our film and media schools workshops can also help to inspire and up-skill teachers through our CPD sessions. 

Our teacher CPD workshops encourage confidence in using film and media in the classroom.

We provide film and media training, as well as how to run film and media activities with students and how to incorporate activities into curriculum activities and school projects. 

Teacher CPD programmes can work in tandem with school workshops for students, or as standalone training workshops.

We can work with school equipment or provide equipment for sessions. We can also provide CPD accreditation.  

Amazing and inspiring.

The International Inspirations workshop they ran at Warminster Prep School is one of my favourite days ever!

Rebecca Glenny

Warminster Prep School

What happens in schools workshops?

We offer a range of film and media activities in our schools workshops. All activities are practical and focus on developing film and media skills.

Examples of our school workshops include:

Filmmaking Workshops

Animation Workshops

Photography Workshops

Post-Production Workshops

Documentary Workshops

Schools workshops can run for around one hour, through to several days. Projects can be structured over different weeks, e.g. one workshop per week, or as an intensive programme depending on your timetable requirements.

Within each schools workshop programme, there is usually a combination of practical exploration opportunities and skills development, as well as a media production element.

Each schools workshop typically leaves a made media product, such as a collection of films or media artefacts, which can be shared with the school community. 

Schools Workshops - Sparks Film and Media Arts - Film and Media Workshops for Schools
Schools Workshops - Film Workshops for Schools - Sparks Film and Media Arts

Where do schools workshops happen?

Our schools workshops come to you and can run in most school spaces, including classrooms, halls or dining rooms. We just need space clear of chairs and tables, which is big enough to hold the size of the group taking part. 

We bring all the equipment – from cameras, tripods, grip and green-screens to editing equipment and licences – and turn schools classrooms or halls into pop-up film studios.

Schools workshops can also take place online, with our filmmaking practitioners joining you live wherever you are. We’ve delivered schools workshops all around the UK, as well as face-to-face and online around the world. 

Who leads schools workshops?

Our schools workshops are all led by members of the Sparks filmmaking and media team. Our team all have professional backgrounds in film or media production, where they specialise in their own skill areas, such as animation, documentary or live action filmmaking. We also have arts education specialists within the team, who bring educational skillsets to ensure our workshops bring out the best in the learners.

Our film and media practitioners guide students and teachers through the creative process and through skills development activities.

Everyone in the Sparks team is DBS-checked, undergoes Safer Recruitment processes and takes part in Safeguarding training.

Sparks Schools Workshops - Film and Media Workshops for Schools

“Watching our students blossom and develop confidence throughout this process brought immense joy. Providing our students with this opportunity, because of the outstanding organisation from all involved has been a wonderful achievement. 

The workshops in understanding camera operation, directing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, acting, special effects as well as editing were pivotal in shaping our students to become active citizens and flourish outside of the classroom. Needless to say, their growing expertise trickled back into the classroom where their teamwork and communication skills greatly improved. 

I know it is something many of the boys will remember as one of the highlights of their school career for a long time.” 

Lianne George

Harris Boys Academy, East Dulwich

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