Summer Term Filmmaking Classes Start 24 April – Register Now to Join

Sparks weekly film classes are about to reopen!

We are so very excited to welcome all the wonderful and talented Sparks filmmakers back to classes.

There are spaces for new joiners. We would love to welcome newcomers to the fun of the Sparks filmset! (To book in for a free trial class, click here)

We have some amazing plans lined up for this term.

The young filmmakers will be exploring the theme “It’s All About the Atmosphere“. They’ll be learning how to create different moods on screen to bring a sense of character and personality to their productions. 

Sparks Film Classes for Kids - Atmosphere in Film

This theme will be a great creative and technical challenge to deepen their knowledge and skills. As part of the term, young filmmakers will investigate lighting techniques, sound, production design and video editing techniques that all help to create atmosphere. Even better, they’ll be applying all these new skills and techniques to their own productions.

We’re expecting really great work from this term. Taking part in these activities will truly help to lift their filmmaking and stretch their skills.

Let’s Get Movie Making:

In the Summer Term, young filmmakers usually work on extended productions – their own movie masterpieces – which bring together lots of their learning rom throughout the year.

We’re sticking to this plan, as we know the young filmmakers are all overdue lots of opportunites to get stuck in and do what they love: movie making.

Over the course of the term, they’ll produce their own unique films in small production crews. All the films are based on their own ideas and points of view, allowing them to fully express themselves and their imagination.

By the end of the term, they’ll have made an incredible, unique film, which we’ll then share with family and friends in a special red carpet premiere screening!

Step Out on the Red Carpet:

Every year, we love celebrating all the incredible achievements of the Sparks filmmakers. The annual red carpet cinema premiere is always one of the most special days.

We couldn’t hold one last year (for obvious reasons) but we are hopeful to organise an event this September.

We’ll unveil and celebrate all the work from the summer term. It might look a little bit different this year, but we’ll try and find a way to showcase all their fantastic work in style!

How to get involved:

If you’d like to join in with the summer term’s filmmaking classes, then take a look at your nearest Sparks film school here >>>.

You’ll find the details for available filmmaking classes and other events.

We’d love to welcome you along to a free trial class 🙂