Online Film Festival – Day 2

It’s Day 2 of our online film festival! We’re celebrating all the work of young filmmakers this summer.

Each day we’ll present a new feature to watch and enjoy…

Presenting: Turned


Made by: Studio 4, Balham 


This short film production was made by filmmakers in Studio 4, at Sparks in Balham. 

It’s a B-Movie style zombie masterpiece that finds fun in all the things we love about zombie movies.

Look out for a great transformation shown exclusively through shadows – very artfully done – and some really fun make up designs too.

This film has a very strong sense of genre styling and production design which presents horror-comedy really well.


Vote for this Film

All films made this summer are nominated for awards, including the Members’ Choice Award. To vote for this film, simply like it on YouTube. The film with the most likes by 19th September will win the title! 


Still to Come:

We’ll be back each day, celebrating another production made during the summer.

Check back with us tomorrow for the next instalment in our online film festival!