Online Film Festival – Day 9


We’re almost at the end of our online film festival! 

We’re celebrating all the work made by young filmmakers taking part in the Summer Shoots.

This is our last film presentation made by young filmmakers, but we still have a few treats in store!  


Presenting… Secret Treehouse

Made by: Studio 2, Highgate

Some builders threaten to demolish a tree as part of their development. But it’s not any old tree…

Featuring some brilliant script work, as well as some lovely tree transformation effects.

When asked why they were making this film, one pitcher responded: ‘because everyone needs to know how important trees are!


Vote for this Film

All films made this summer are nominated for awards, including the Members’ Choice Award.

To vote for this film, simply like it on YouTube. The film with the most likes by 19th September will win the title!


Still to Come:

We’ll be back each day, celebrating another production made during the summer.

Check back with us tomorrow for the next instalment in our online film festival!