Online Filmmaking Courses for Kids

Action-Packed Online Filmmaking Courses for Young Filmmakers

Online Film Courses for Kids

Our online filmmaking courses offer fun and collaborative explorations of filmmaking from home.  

Each online course offers young movie makers the chance to to develop their skills, to collaborate with others and to produce films to be proud of. Some courses also enable filmmakers to gain a recognised Arts Award qualification. 

Participation helps to inspire ideas and imagination, as well as facilitate friendships through online creative collaboration.


“He really has loved it… It’s been so good for his confidence – he is actually achieving something in a field he only dreamed about. He just needed that skillset and advice to get him going – and Sheena’s been doing a wonderful job.” 

Alison, Parent

Online Summer Camps - Filmmaking Courses for Kids

Sparks online filmmaking courses, clubs and camps provide live contact time, with additional activities to take place independently. 

Workshop activities and creative projects are led by our qualified Sparks instructors, who supervise all contact time. 

By the end of each programme, movie makers will have developed their key filmmaking skills and will have also produced their own film projects.

“We wanted to say a massive thank you. I was really impressed by the content. I teach A-Level Photography, you were covering a lot of material I teach my 16-18 year old students.

I was really impressed how the children completed their artist research and confidently applied the techniques they learnt to their films.”

Caroline, Parent

Online Camps for Kids and Teenagers

Collaboration & Creative Learning 

All the activities are designed to be hands-on and practical, much like our face-to-face programmes. There are skill-building workshop activities and plenty of opportunities for creative collaboration. 

Participants will be challenged through their own individual work and through collective group projects. Throughout, they will be developing a variety of different filmmaking skills, including visual storytelling and cinematography. 

We welcome along any level of experience. Our team ensure everyone is working at the right level. 

You can take part from anywhere in the world. There isn’t any need to have taken part in any Sparks courses previously. 

Online Summer Camps for Kids - Filmmaking

Course Content

Each of our online filmmaking courses explores: 
  • Key filmmaking skills, linked to directing, camera/cinematography, screenwriting, editing and acting for camera
  • Working collaboratively with others on individual film projects
  • Different methods for successfully telling stories on screen
  • How to respond to a variety of artistic inspirations and interpretations 
  • Individual practice and personal style as a filmmaker
Online Film Courses for Kids

What’s Involved? 

  • You can take part in our online filmmaking courses from anywhere in the world, but please be aware that the programme is live (hosted with an instructor) in spoken English.
  • You’ll need two devices: one to access our virtual classroom (such as a laptop or a tablet) and one to film with (such as a phone, or a camcorder/digital camera)
  • You’ll also need a reliable internet connection, suitable for streaming video or using online conferences/video calls 
  • Filmmakers will be part of a community group online. There will be a maximum of 20 young filmmakers (in peer age groups), though you’ll mostly be working in smaller teams of 4-5. 
  • All tuition is live, with workshop activities led by our team of Sparks instructors (everyone is qualified and DBS-checked). There are short breaks within the sessions. 
  • If undertaking an Arts Award qualification, there may also some additional activities to complete independently. You can do these in your own time and submit any video assignments to us through the platform. 
Online Filmmaking Courses

Available Dates & Times: .

Online Filmmaking Club – Spring 2021

Half Term Movie Making Workshop for Ages 7-11 / 11-14

“They told us they came from the future…”

Take part this February half term, where young movie makers will be producing their own movies full of fantastical adventures, all set lightyears into the future. 

In this fun movie making workshop, young filmmakers will learn all about how to put together their own film production. It’s an action-packed camp full of fun and creativity. 

They’ll step into the roles of director, camera crew, actors, production design, production crew and even more as they make their original and unique movie. They’ll also explore plenty of imaginative art direction and how to produce some incredible visual effects. 

At the end of the camp, they’ll have a futuristic movie production to proudly share with friends and family, as well as lots of new creative skills and some new friends too. 

For full programme details, please see here >>>


Monday 15 – Wednesday 17 February 2021


9am – 3pm daily

Due to the national lockdown, this camp will now take place online.