L ong-standing Highgate member, Alfredo, has been spending some quality time building his CV and broadening his filmmaking experiences
as he spent his Saturday on-set of a commercial shoot for Disney at Dukes Island Studios in North London.

We can’t spill all of the beans (some are still top secret!), but what we can say is that Alfredo had a full tour of the set, and also bagged some invaluable experience as he watched the shoot from the production office. He also got the chance to watch playbacks close up and got to have a full inspection of the equipment on the day. Alfredo even managed to get some down time with the crew over lunch!

We’re so impressed by Alfredo’s experience – a huge well done to him!

If you’ve got news about your movie making experiences, let us know – we’d love to shout about it! Just say [email protected]