Sparks October Half Term Camps Movie Making Ages 5-7

October Half Term Camp

Ages 5-7


Ready to launch in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1! 

Join the Studio 1 movie making crew over October half term to make an incredible space adventure movie, all the way to the moon and back! 

In this fun movie making workshop, children will voyage off to space using lots of camera skills, arts and crafts, drama and plenty of imagination. 

Taking part offers young movie makers the chance to learn how to put together their own movie production, just like on a real film set.

Crew members develop their skills and talents, behind and in front of the camera. They step into all the crew roles, from director, to camera operator and production crew, as well as taking on all the starring roles as they make their own unique movie across three action-packed days. 

By the end of the workshop, the movie makers will have made their own movie to add to their portfolios and to celebrate with family and friends. 

Studio 1 - Filmmaking Classes for Ages 5-7

Over three action-packed workshop days, young movie makers (ages 5-7) produce their own creative film project. They take on all the starring roles, as well as everything that happens behind the camera too.

Through a combination of activities including art, crafts, music and drama, as well as plenty of film making, the movie makers will share their imaginations, creativity and storytelling. Our specialist workshop instructors guide them through the process to help them make a movie to be proud of.

Sparks October Half Term Camps Ages 5-7

Exceptional Learning Environments

Our October half term camps provide a fantastic creative learning experience, with plenty of personalised attention and support.

Small Class Sizes…

Our class size is just 12 filmmakers per Studio, which means everyone has plenty of opportunity to contribute and experience all the crew roles. Everyone receives plenty of personalised attention and we’re able to get to know each of the movie makers well.

Qualified Instructors…

All our team are all well-qualified, experienced professionals from a mix of film/TV and arts/media education backgrounds.

Everyone we work with is passionate, highly skilled and enjoys sharing their love for filmmaking with children and young people.

Everyone is DBS checked and receives specific training in Safeguarding, as well as in how to deliver the unique Sparks programme.

We’re also Ofsted registered, with qualified First Aiders on site at all times.

High Staff Ratios…

Our typical ratio for Studio 1 movie makers (ages 5-7) is 1: 6. 

Sparks October Half Term Camps Ages 5-7

Half Term Camp – Dates & Locations

Dates, times and fees vary at each Sparks film school.

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