Introducing two new Sparks film schools!

There are two new Sparks film schools opening up this autumn!

We’re delighted to introduce the two newest Sparks film schools – Sparks Tunbridge Wells and Sparks Uxbridge!

The two newest Sparks film schools for children and young people are busy preparing to launch their first classes from this autumn. They join a network of 17 other film schools for children around the UK, and on behalf of the whole Sparks team, we are so excited to welcome them and their young filmmakers to the Sparks family.

Both new Sparks film schools will be led by incredibly passionate, creative heads, with years of experience in media.

Sparks Tunbridge Wells

Sparks Tunbridge Wells is led by Selina Carter, who brings a wealth of experience from the creative arts, having previously worked in live events spanning theatre and music and festivals. Her years of experience in media content production include a huge range of different media, from film to social stories, so she has a fantastic array of skills and knowledge to share with young filmmakers in Tunbridge Wells.

Selina says, “Creativity has been a life-long mission for me, and now, as a parent, I see just how valuable it is for children to develop their creative skills from an early age. With the nature of the creative industries changing, it’s so important for children to have their own stake in the future media world.

I started out my early career in artistic hairdressing, working behind the scenes on film sets, stage, and catwalks. Growing up in Stratford-upon-Avon, surrounded by the Royal Shakespeare Company and as a great niece of Eric Coates, I developed a huge interest in the arts and was soon working with organisations to provide period styling and costumes for short film.

With an increasing curiosity in capturing film and photography, my career slowly developed to place me squarely behind the camera with the Orchestra of the Swan and capturing great orchestral performances from the likes of Julian Lloyd Webber and Tasmin Little at some spectacular venues and festivals.

Over the years I have gained an extensive background in marketing and advertising; screen writing, organising, and editing a host of advertisements for TV, cinema, and social media. I am a firm believer in knowledge sharing and believe children should have the opportunity to develop creatively in an inspired and happy environment. With a background in supporting children’s education and a talented team alongside me; I am happy to offer structured, creative, and fun workshops for children in and surrounding Tunbridge Wells.”

Sparks Uxbridge

Sparks Uxbridge will be led by Jag Rana and Jas Kaur, who between them have years of experience in media production, filmmaking and education.

As an event videographer and editor for hundreds of clients, Jag has filmed it all and is used to producing video rabbits from all types of hats! He cares deeply for sharing his knowledge and helping young people to develop all the valuable skills needed for a career in media. Jas specialises in education and training, where in her career she has helped to inspire people at all stages of their lives to further their own skills and development. She understands how access to the right education and training opportunities can transform lives and futures. Together, they’re excited to launch filmmaking classes for children and teenagers in Uxbridge and to inspire a whole new generation of filmmakers.

Jag and Jas say, “We love the chance to bring film making classes to children in Uxbridge. We know from chatting to local parents that there is a huge appetite for children to learn these valuable skills for their futures, so considering our backgrounds and our combined passions for filming and for education and training, it’s an ideal fit. We can’t wait to get started with film classes and set about making some great films at Sparks Uxbridge! We’re excited to help young film makers to have some fun behind the camera!”

Film classes and camps will open at Sparks Tunbridge Wells and Sparks Uxbridge in the autumn.

Registration is open now! You can find and book classes via the Sparks Class Finder here >>>