We’ve got a brand new movie making project to try out!

This half term, we’d love to see you make some single take wonders! This challenge is all about producing a great video in just one long take – no cutting and no fixes in post-production. 

Take a look below for instructions. 

One-Take Movie

Make a movie in one shot that’s a minute long.


Make it Spooky!

Any idea is welcome, and you can take part in this challenge year round, but you can make it fun with a Halloween-themed! We have plenty of horror movie fans on our team and they would LOVE to see your scary single takes! 

What You’ll Need:

For this challenge all you will need is a filming device. This could be a phone, any filming camera or an iPad/tablet – if it films, it fits!

Step 1:

Think of what theme you’d like to focus on.

Halloween is still a very broad theme, think of what you enjoy about Halloween and what you’d like to capture on camera.

Step 2:

Plan and Rehearse your shot

This is a crucial part to filmmaking as the more prepared you are, the better the execution. Since it’s a one shot movie you want to make sure it all comes together in one go!

Step 3:

Shoot your movie!

Once you’ve planned, rehearsed and you’re confident you’re prepared, it’s time to shoot. The technique you choose for this is entirely up to you but remember, no cuts.

Since you’re using one single cut, you shouldn’t need to do any editing unless you’d like to add credits or a opening sequence. Once again, this is entirely up to you, let your creativity fly!

Step 4:

Submit your film.

Once your film is done we would love to see it! Post it using the #SparksMovieMaking on Facebook or Instagram or even email it in. We will be showcasing the best one-shot movies on our social media.

Now get filming!