Make a Solo Movie using Shot-Reverse-Shot


Take a look at our free project guide for young movie makers.

This project is ideal for making movies at home, without a big cast, or the need for a crew. It explores a technique called ‘shot-reverse-shot’ to build a scene based on a conversation between two characters. This is a technique that’s used a lot for showing dialogue and cutting between the various characters. 

You can play all the characters involved in this film, or you can also work with a sibling or family member to achieve the same effect. Have some fun with the design elements and see if you can come up with something really creative using a time travel or parallel universe storyline! 

To get started, just download the project guide PDF below and start filmmaking. 


Share Your Work:

If you post any examples of your own work, include the hashtag #sparksmoviemaking and we’ll be able to see it.