We write with further updates.

Due to the latest National Lockdown, we are unable to deliver any classes face-to-face until the restrictions lift. 

Please know that this brings us great sadness. We understand the part we (and all others) need to play in helping to keep everyone safe, but we worry at the sacrifices being asked of children and young people. 

We worry for all the children and young people missing out on their education and the social interaction that fosters happiness, wellbeing, strong mental health and some the skills and personal confidence they’ll use for the rest of their lives. We also feel for all the parents forced back into home schooling and all the pressures this brings. 

We’re committed to reopening face-to-face classes at the earliest possible opportunity. We hope from February half term. We’ll reschedule the Spring Term to start from half term and extend until May. Our team will be in touch with all class members directly about this. 

We also hope to be able to deliver our February Half Term camp face-to-face as well. If this isn’t possible, we have an online version we can deliver instead. This is as closely mapped to a face-to-face camp as possible and still represents lots of the social benefits associated with group learning. 

At this point, we’d also like to share how tough the last year has been on us. We always try to keep all our communications positive and optimistic, for the benefit of our young filmmakers, but the truth is that we will find the next few months challenging. We’re resolved to see it through, though we worry for our team, whose livelihoods this represents. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be doing all we can to support them and keep as many people in their roles as we possibly can.

We are very grateful for everyone’s continued support. It honestly means the world to us. It has right from the beginning. If you can attend an online programme, or register for a future course, this will help us enormously. It will mean we can hopefully continue to keep our team in their roles and continue to offer our amazing learning experiences to young filmmakers once we’re past this pandemic. We know that this may not suit everyone and that lots of people are struggling, so please don’t worry if this isn’t possible. If you can support us in this way, then we are so very grateful.

We’ll stay in touch with more updates as the situation develops and continue to keep everyone informed. 

We look forward to welcoming filmmakers along to our online programmes until we’re able to meet face-to-face again.

We’ll be thinking of you all over the coming weeks, we’ll be doing all we can to engage and inspire young filmmakers remotely. 

Stay safe…

The Team at Sparks ?