Make a Tutorial Video about the Environment

This movie making project is inspired by some of the work we’re doing this term in our weekly filmmaking classes.


We’re exploring environment impact as a creative inspiration. Here, we’re asking young filmmakers to produce a tutorial video, explaining one simple thing that we can all do to protect and respect our environment. 

Videos can feature simple ideas, such as re-using or recycling items we already have or turning off the taps. It might be a series of ideas, like growing vegetables and reducing plastics… We want to hear all your tips! 


We’ve put together a project guide with some instructions below to help get started. Once you’ve made your video, then we’d love to see it! 

Send us a link to your video here, or tag us (@Sparks_FilmArts) on social media. You can also use the hashtag #sparksmoviemaking and we’ll find it. 


Make a Tutorial Video:


1. Decide on your how-to or instruction, e.g. donate unwanted clothes to a charity shop

2. Think up some elements to best explain your instructions. These might include: 

  • Reconstructions (e.g. a video of somebody packing up some unwanted clothing). You might want to include some different shots, like Close Ups or Cutaways.
  • Piece to camera segments (this is where you explain your how-to directly to the camera)
  • Diagrams or explainer graphics (e.g. maps or charts). You can animate these, or often you can build them easily in an editing app 
  • Text screens including facts or some figures 

3. Plan out your video using a storyboard template 

4. Shoot any footage you need, such as PTCs or reconstructions. Depending on how you’d like to show any graphics, you may need to prepare this in advance. 

5. Assemble your video in an editing app or programme. Sequence your footage, and add in any other elements you’d like to include. Think about any music or sound choices that might help within your video. 

6. Once you’ve edited your video, you can then send it in to us here and we’ll share it on our blog.


We Are the World:

This is the creative theme we’re currently exploring in our weekly classes for young filmmakers. The theme was suggested by the young crews. We were so inspired by how passionate the young filmmakers are about climate change and protecting our environment, we felt it was only right to explore this issue and to develop films that shared their views and opinions on the world. 

The members of the weekly classes are working on a series of projects that look at this topic from a few different angles. They’re exploring documentary filmmaking techniques, as well as disaster movie tropes and conventions.  

Update: you can take a look at their productions here: 


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