We’re currently developing a project for young people that explores issues around mental health.


The project is currently in the consultation stage. We’re looking to find out what are the most pressing issues and what we can do to help. The project will be free for young people to take part in. It will explore the impact of the coronavirus outbreak as well as other factors. 

We have created a survey that is designed for people aged under 18 to share their views. We want to find out what kind of things you might worry about, and what kind of project ideas might help.

We’d be really grateful for your honest feedback. You can take part anonymously. All information will be kept private and confidential. We’ll include these insights into our project planning to make sure the scope of the project will be as beneficial as possible. 



We’d be even more grateful if you could share this link with anyone under 18 who might be interested in sharing their views too. 

Worried about your mental health?

You’re not alone. If you’re currently worried about your mental health, then we recommend the excellent resources and support available from mental health specialists at www.youngminds.org.uk.