Welcome to Sparks Dulwich

Welcome to Sparks in Dulwich - Movie Making School For Kids

At Sparks in Dulwich, we offer fun filmmaking classes and holiday camps for ages 5-18.

We help young filmmakers to develop new skills, imagination and creativity. 

We love helping children and teenagers to grow in confidence and to fall in love with filmmaking. 

What’s On…

Find details of all our upcoming film classes and camps below: 

Summer Shoots: Movie Making Summer Camps

Action-packed movie making summer camps for children and teenagers, ages 5-18. 

​Young movie makers discover new skills behind and in front of the camera, as they spend a week producing and performing in their own movie masterpiece. 

During the week, they make a completely unique movie from scratch within the week, supported by our team of fun and friendly film workshop leaders.

It’s tons of fun, creative and supports the development of lots of useful skills. Afterwards, they proudly share their films with you in a special Cast and Crew screening event. 

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9am – 3pm daily


Dulwich College, Dulwich Common, London, SE21 7LD


Filmmaking Classes will reopen from September 2021.


Studio 1 (Ages 5-7): 11am – 1pm / £290.00 per term

Studio 2 (Ages 7-9): 11am – 1pm / £290.00 per term

Studio 3 (Ages 9-11): 11am – 1pm / £290.00 per term

Studio 4 (Ages 11-14): 11am – 1pm / £290.00 per term

Studio 5 (Ages 14-18): 2pm – 4pm / £290.00 per term

5 Useful Acting for Camera Skills (from Stage)

Acting for Camera - How is it different? Acting for a camera, or screen acting, is very different from acting on a stage in front of a live audience. The nature of performing a character, delivering dialogue and conveying the action is all very similar, but there are...

Is My Child a Visual Learner?

Visual learners thrive on visual stimuli. They process information and learn best when they can see or visualise through images, objects, colours or use of body language. Most of the children we work with at Sparks could be described as visual learners. Filmmaking...

Easter 2021: Behind the Scenes at the Easter Movie Making Camps

Take a look behind the scenes on the Easter 2021 movie productions! In the Easter holiday camps, crew members worked hard all week to produce some unique movie masterpieces. As well as sharing all their own ideas to build the stories, they also crewed and edited their...

Introducing… The Summer Shoots 2021

Introducing the Summer Shoots: Movie Making Summer Camps for 2021 Get ready for the Summer Shoots - action-packed movie making camps for ages 5-18 throughout the summer holidays.  We're so excited to be back in action and welcome young movie makers to the Sparks set...

That’s a Wrap! Easter Camps 2021

Congratulations to all the Easter Camp Crews - That's a Wrap! After five days of movie making fun, the Easter camps have come to a close. Congratulations to all the young movie makers, it's been such a fun week of creativity and making things happen!  For their last...

Easter Camps: Day 4

That's a wrap on Day 4! Movie makers taking part in this week's Easter camps are knee-deep in their productions, with just one day left to go. It's been an action-packed few days, with movie makers developing their story ideas, working through pre-production and now...

Easter Movie Making Camps: Day 3

That's a wrap on Day 3 of this week's movie making camps! Today has been an epic day of shooting, with all the movie makers starting work on filming their productions. There are movie makers in Studios 1-4 at nearly all the Sparks film schools. All the crews are...

Easter Camps: Behind the Scenes on Day 2

Easter Movie Making Camps - Day 2 The Easter Camp movie makers are making great progress on their productions today. After a day of introductions and getting started yesterday, they've moved onto developing their ideas, pitching and pre-production activities. This is...

Lights… Camera… Action! Behind the Scenes of Easter Movie Making Camps – Day 1

We're behind the scenes on Day 1 of the first face-to-face movie making camps of 2021! Young movie makers joining us for this year's Easter Holiday Camps are meeting for the first time. They'll get their creativity flowing. They'll start to share ideas and get to...

Countdown to Easter Camps

Easter Movie Making Camps Start on Monday...   We are so so so excited to welcome movie makers back to Sparks from next Monday. We'll be helping young movie makers to produce some incredible productions, all themed around tall tales and hidden identities.  ...

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