We’re behind the scenes on Day 1 of the first face-to-face movie making camps of 2021!

Sparks Movie Making Camps for Kids

Young movie makers joining us for this year’s Easter Holiday Camps are meeting for the first time. They’ll get their creativity flowing. They’ll start to share ideas and get to grips with the week’s challenge: to make a unique movie production in just five days.

For the rest of the week, they’ll be busy bringing all their ideas to life. They’ll develop, shoot, crew and edit their movie.

Sparks Movie Making Camps for Kids

Movie Making Skills:

As part of today’s camp activities, movie makers have been brushing up on all their fundamental filmmaking skills in directing, camera and acting workshops. They’ve also been learning all about the different crew roles you find on a professional film set and trying them out for themselves.

From tomorrow, the movie makers will start to finalise their ideas and start work on their production.

Sparks Movie Making Camps

Easter Camp Themes – Behind the Scenes:

This holiday, the themes are all set around telling tall tales and stretching the truth. We wanted to help movie makers to create some wildly imaginative plot lines, so we’re set to explore narrative themes including hidden identities and dramatic deception.

Sparks Movie Making Camps

Inside Studio 1: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The youngest crews, in Studio 1, are making their own fun adaptations of the Pinocchio story. They’ll create magical puppets and journey under the sea.

Sparks Filmmaking for Kids

Across the week, they’ll look at different media techniques, including live action film, animation, drama, art and music, so we can capture all the excitement of their adventures.

Inside Studios 2 & 3: Codename Confidential

Movie makers in Studios 2 and 3 (ages 7-9 and 9-11) will be busy making spy thriller movies this week. Today, they’ll be thinking up some of their most exciting ideas, ready to start filming from tomorrow. They’ll explore lots of the staples of spy thriller classics, with plenty of fun action sequences, as well as some clever plot twists focused around double crossings!

Sparks Movie Making Camps - Studio 2 - Ages 7-9

Inside Studio 4: Web of Lies

Studio 4 movie makers (ages 11-14) are getting stuck into boxset-style movie making. They’re working towards an intricate collection of interwoven plot lines, where nobody is quite who they seem.

Along with crafting lots of delicate plotlines into their story structures, Studio 4 movie makers will also be exploring the aesthetic styles of ‘Nordic Noir’ or ‘Scandi’ drama, with lots of visual storytelling elements in their cinematography.

Sparks Filmmaking for Kids

(Studio 5 is taking a break over the Easter Camps but will be back in action for the start of the summer term’s filmmaking classes and for the Summer Shoots.)

From all the brilliant ideas coming through so far, we’re expecting amazing things from this week’s crews.

We’ll update on their progress throughout the week. There will be lots of snippets from behind the scenes on their productions.

We’re really excited to share their finished productions. We can’t wait to see all their creativity come to life!