Following the latest announcements from the government, we’re updating some of our Covid-19 safety measures. 

Classes are scheduled to reopen from 26th September. We’re excited to welcome filmmakers back to Sparks. 


We are exempt under the latest legislation (“the rule of six”) and so the class schedules are unaffected by the latest announcement. 

We will be taking the guidance into account, and along with our existing measures, we will be taking steps to further limit the risk of transmission…


Our Safety Measures:

  • Small class sizes – our classes have always been small and are never more than 12 children per age group. Each class operates as its own ‘bubble’. 
  • We also have systems within each group/bubble to manage smaller sub-group working, limiting close contact with others
  • Track and trace system via our class register
  • Plenty of regular cleaning: the spaces are professionally cleaned each time. Our team also make sure that surfaces and equipment are wiped down with high alcohol cleaning wipes after each use.
  • Plenty of hand sanitisation, with cleaning stations available in each room
  • Sparks team members to wear PPE, including transparent visors when indoors and additional PPE for close contact (e.g. First Aid treatment) 
  • All attendees to wear masks whilst using indoor communal spaces (e.g. corridors), unless there is a reason not to
  • Class participants to work outdoors as much as possible 
  • Access and travel around the building is managed using one-way systems and multiple access points to avoid any group gatherings or congestion 
  • Interior access to parents is suspended (we’re sorry for any disappointment here) until it’s safe to welcome you back in 
  • We won’t be holding any face-to-face presentations until it’s safe to do so, but we’ll be working with online options to present and share the work of young filmmakers 
  • In the event of an outbreak, affected classes will move online for a period of 14 days
  • Regular reminders to parents and children not to attend if experiencing symptoms

We continue to update our measures regularly and review how they are working.

If you’d like to know more about any of our safety measures, then please do contact us

We’re excited to welcome filmmakers back to Sparks from 26th September.

We want for everyone to feel safe and able to enjoy filmmaking with their friends again, so we’ll be taking every step we can to ensure safety.