Make a “Schools Out” Montage!


It’s almost time for the summer holidays! Woohoo!!!

This month, the Sparks Monthly Movie Makers challenge is to produce a montage video that sums up the feeling of “school’s out”. It should represent the joys of the summer holidays, fun and that incredible sense of freedom that comes along every July.

To get started, follow the instructions below.


Once you’ve finished, you can enter your video to the Sparks Monthly Maker’s competition.

Entries should be received by 31st July 2019 and videos need to be made by filmmakers under the age of 18. To enter, your montage also needs to a maximum of 3 mins long. (Take a look at the guidance below for full details). 


List Your Ideas


To get started, think up a list of images/situations that show that summer feeling…

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Bouncing on the bed
  • Ditching the study books
  • Bursting through the school doors for the last time
  • Climbing a tree
  • Jumping in a pool/lake
  • Fairground rides and stalls
  • Eating ice cream

We want all your best clichés!

You can storyboard out your ideas using our template here.

As it’s a montage, you don’t need to make sense of each scene, or link them together. Just plan out a collection of fun summer “school’s out” moments. We recommend including around 6-10 scenes (or situations), the more variety you can include, the more fun your montage will be.


It’s Time to Shoot Your Scenes


Using a camera to shoot your scenes, work through your storyboard.

It’s a good idea to get your friends involved – the more the merrier! They can star in your montage, or help you to crew your scenes.  

Remember to get permission if filming at school, or on location in a public place. If you’re unsure, check with a parent or guardian. 


Edit Your Montage


Now it’s time to get creative with your montage movie. For this project, you can use most editing apps or programmes, including free ones, such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. 


You’ll need to assemble your footage into a montage sequence. A montage takes lots of different scenes, from different places and times, and shows them together as a story. It’s a great technique for showing longer periods of time taking place in a short period of screen time. 


Arrange your clips by ordering them into a sequence on your timeline. You can choose to cut between clips, chop them up, or even repeat any key moments that you’d really like to emphasise.

We recommend cutting between lots of different short clips. This way, you can include a lot of movement in your video and keep it really interesting for your audience to watch. We suggest using clips of 1-7 seconds, so if you’re able to chop your footage up, then this will add a lot to the pace of your video and help give a sense of excitement. 


Choose transitions to link each clip and that help to enhance the feeling of the montage. It should be fun, full of excitement and feel like freedom.


Add in some music and/or sound effects that reflect the mood too. If you can cut your clips to the rhythm or the beat of the music, even better!

You might also want to consider some visual effects that help to turn the summer up.


Enter the June Movie Maker’s Competition:


Once you’ve finished your video, you can send it to us to enter the Sparks Monthly Movie Maker’s Competition.


Our panel of judges (members of our workshop leading team) will vote for their favourite. The maker of the winning video will win a complimentary workshop place on a Sparks course of their choice, along with a family cinema ticket and lots of other movie making prizes. 


To enter…

Montage videos should be… 


  • a maximum of 3 mins long 
  • made by filmmakers under the age of 18, with consent for everyone involved to take part
  • clearly demonstrate the montage technique
  • submitted by 31st July 2019 

Submit your film to us by email to [email protected]. You can send us a link to your video, or a downloadable video file.


We’ll announce the winner by 30th August 2019.

Good luck!