Introducing the Sparks Alumni Network…

Now that Sparks has reached the grand old age of 11, we’ve realised that there are lots of young movie makers who joined in as children and have now grown up. Many of you, we know, are still making your own movies or involved in other creative projects, so we’re starting up an Alumni Network to help Sparks members stay in touch in the future. 

We love hearing stories of what Sparks (or Studio Film School) alumni have done with their filmmaking know-how and creative skills since we last worked together. Some former members are now working in the creative industries, producing work as independent filmmakers and some have even joined our staff team!

Are you a Sparks (or a Studio Film School*) alumnus? We would love to hear what you’re up to now!

Working in film or media, or in the broader creative industries, often requires great networking skills and strong relationships with collaborators. So, with the aim of supporting all the Sparks alumni in their professional development, as well as to help you stay in touch with friends, the Sparks Alumni Network will help connect previous members of Sparks during the next stages of their journey, as well as foster new partnerships, ideas and ventures. 

Previous members of Sparks (or Studio Film School) aged 16+ can join. You’ll be able to connect with friends from childhood workshops and find new collaborators from within the wider Sparks network.

The Sparks Alumni Network will also host events, help to share news and opportunities, as well as offer ongoing inspiration to movie makers at any stage of their development. We’ll also help to share news of and promote any projects or endeavours you’re working on to the Sparks family. We also plan to introduce future development opportunities including masterclasses, keynotes and opportunities to engage with employers, producers and distribution/exhibition contacts. 

If you’re a former member of Sparks and you’re now 16+, we would love to welcome you to join.

For more info on how to get involved, please get in touch with us using the form below.

Join the Sparks Alumni Network

Sparks Alumni Network – Membership Criteria:

To join the Sparks Alumni Network, you should…

  • Have participated in Sparks (or Studio Film School) workshops or events since 2010. These can be weekly classes or holiday camps, and this includes any Sparks or Studio Film School location
  • Be over the age of 16. The Sparks Alumni Network is intended to support with professional development, so unfortunately membership isn’t open to under 16s at this time. (Please contact us once turning 16 if you’d like to join in the future)
  • Be interested to share ideas and collaborate with other Sparks alumni or…
  • Be interested to reconnect with Sparks alumni socially 

* A Note on Sparks/Studio Film School:

If you took part between 2010 and 2016, then you may still know us as Studio Film School. In 2016, Studio Film School rebranded and became known as Sparks. The company itself is still the same. We still work with many of the Studio Film School staff team, but under a new name. You can find out more about this here >>>. 

Whether you knew/know us as Sparks or as Studio Film School, you are very welcome to join the Sparks Alumni Network, regardless of when you participated. We would love to welcome you and find out what you’re up to! 

Join the Sparks Alumni Network

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