Welcome to Sparks Walthamstow!

We want to tell you all about our new film school… A new Sparks film school is launching in Walthamstow. 

Sparks Walthamstow will be based at Walthamstow School for Girls

October half term will see the launch of two filmmaking camps. Sparks Walthamstow will also be offering weekly filmmaking classes for young people from January. 

Meet Louisa:

Our newest school is managed by the lovely Louisa Cunningham. Louisa is a local mum and media education specialist from Walthamstow, East London.

Louisa has spent the 20 years teaching media production skills to young people. After years of making the long journey to our Hampstead school each weekend, decided she wanted to offer young filmmakers closer to home the chance to learn about filmmaking.

Louisa says…

“When looking for film making workshops for my daughter, I was disappointed by the lack of provision for creative, hands on film making opportunities available in the Hackney and Waltham Forest Boroughs.

I finally, and thankfully, stumbled across Sparks. My daughter and I commuted across London every Saturday morning so she could learn about and make films. She found the Sparks experience wholly rewarding. It developed her creative, practical and collaborative skills in a friendly and fun environment.

I have 20 years experience in Film, Media and Arts education as a teacher, senior assessor and author. I am a passionate advocate that visual literacy is essential to develop critical thinking, creativity and independent thought. This equips children and young people with ways of seeing, understanding and expressing our world in imaginative, creative ways.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to bring the Sparks Workshops to Walthamstow! I am excited for young people within our community to also experience these fantastic courses. They’ll develop their visual literacy, creative production skills and imaginations. I am really looking forward to providing a dynamic environment for your child to become a creative film maker, collaborate with others, make new friends and have fun!”

October Half Term:

Sparks Walthamstow is launching in half term with two fun filmmaking camps:

The Curse of the Forbidden Tomb…

Ages 7-11


In an epic quest for fame and fortune, explorers discover the long lost Forbidden Tomb. Disaster strikes when they unleash an ancient curse destined to change the course of the world forever…

Project X: Paranormal Investigations

Ages 11-14

Documentary makers catch it all on camera as ghost hunters and supernatural agents investigate reports of strange, paranormal activities… Is it all a hoax? The cameras never lie.

You can find more info on the classes and camps on offer at Sparks Walthamstow here: https://www.sparksarts.co.uk/locations/walthamstow.

Louisa can also be reached directly via the form below…

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We’ll keep the blog updated with the adventures of Sparks Walthamstow. We know there will be some fantastic productions to come from the Walthamstow crews – we can’t wait to celebrate them!