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Sparks Enfield – Launching October 2020


We’re delighted to share with you that a new branch of Sparks will be opening up in Enfield for October Half Term! 

The newest branch of Sparks is set to open for the half term break. There will be lots of fantastic filmmaking fun taking place with some half term camps and plenty of filmmaking activities to follow. 


Meet Angelie

Sparks Enfield will be headed by the lovely and talented Angelie Stephens.

Angelie has been a qualified Sparks workshop instructor and a valued member of our team for the last three years. Her interest in film and media education formed as a media student. She is incredibly passionate to help share the stories and ideas of children and young people. 

Angelie has worked with many of our young filmmakers at Sparks to develop their potential through our filmmaking workshops, courses and events at other branches. She’s now excited to lead her own Sparks film schools and to inspire young filmmakers based in her home town of Enfield. 

Angelie - Sparks Enfield
After working as a workshop facilitator for Sparks for a few years, I’m so excited to launch Sparks Enfield for the next step of the journey! I’ve loved working on Sparks workshops with so many different groups of children, and I’m really looking forward to doing more of this in my home town. 

I believe that film education can help children to channel their creativity, expand their imaginations, develop their interpersonal skills, and also critically understand the films that they watch. My film and media education started when I was a young person in Enfield. I’m excited to share the things I’ve learned along the way with local young filmmakers. I’m really looking forward to making some fun and inventive films with young people in Enfield. I can’t wait to help them realise their ideas! 

Angelie Stephens

Sparks Enfield

Interested to learn more? 

You can find out all the latest plans and info on Sparks Enfield here >>>

We’ll be keeping it up-to-date with all the latest course offers, holiday camp dates and opportunities. 

You can also contact the team at Sparks Enfield directly, or sign up to their mailing list.