Discover the Brand New Theme for This Term’s Filmmaking Classes


In this terms filmmaking classes, Sparks movie makers are set to explore the theme ‘It’s All About the Atmosphere’.

In fun film classes, the crew members will learn how to create ‘mood’, ‘look and feel’ for the screen.

In particular, we’ll be exploring how to use elements including lighting, sound and visual effects to give film sequences personality and emotional character. There will be lots of technical explorations, as well as looking at how to use atmospheric techniques creatively to add to their stories.

We know there are tons of fantastic ideas just waiting to be let out. We can’t wait to help shape them into some incredible film  projects.


Movie Making Productions:

In the summer term, crew members work to produce extended film productions – their ‘movie masterpieces’.

In a normal year, these bring together all the learning from workshops throughout the year. They also represent a chance for crew members to challenge themselves, both creatively and technically. The films showcase all their creativity and learning.

In Septemebr, we then celebrate their work up at an exciting red carpet premiere event. This is always a magical day and we love presenting their work to family and friends.

We’ll still be working towards extended atmospheric productions this year. Crew members will explore lots of techniques to do with creating on screen ‘atmosphere’. They’ll then choose their favourites to include within their filmmaking projects, which they’ll develop and produce throughout most of the term.

We’re hopeful that a family screening event may be possible by September and we can share all their amazing work with everyone. We have everything crossed!


What is Atmosphere?

Filmmakers can use different techniques to create atmosphere within their work.

This spans techniques from screenwriting – where particular styles of dialogue (or silence) can be used to create specific effects – through to production and post-production.

Audio and visual techniques can help to create atmosphere. For instance, filmmakers might use particular styles of production design in their sets or costumes to create a certain mood. They might adopt a certain lighting style, or a particular approach for recording sound.

Effects can also be added in during post-production, which can further enhance or change the atmosphere and the mood of the film. Elements such as as the film score (the music), as well as visual treatments like grading, can all contribute towards the overall look and feel.

In the different crews, we’ll be exploring lots of these techniques to help movie makers produce some truly atmospheric films.

It’s likely to be our most technical termly theme for a while, so it offers fresh new challenges to crew members to get stuck into.


How to get involved:

The term time filmmaking classes start back on 24 April.

We’re hopeful to reopen as many classes as we can at this time, although some Sparks film schools may not reopen fully until September.

For more information about the classes and how to enrol, please see here >>>

If you’d like to find out about your nearest Sparks film school, take a look at our different locations here >>>

You can register to take part in a free trial class, where you can experience our film classes before committing to the whole term.

Sparks Film Classes for Kids

Filmmaking Classes for Kids: 

Sparks Filmmaking Classes for kids inspire imaginations and impart a wide varety of skills in filmmaking.

Young filmmakers (ages 5-18) taking part develop knowledge of the whole creative process. They develop skills as directors, camera crew, screen actors, production crew, editors, screenwriters and more. 

Over time, they gain a wealth of creative and technical knowledge, as well as soft skills and confidence, to take with them to the next stage of their journey. 

For full details of our filmmaking class programme, take a look here: