Blockbuster Bootcamp

February Filmmaking Half Term Course for Ages 11-14

Boost Your Filmmaking Skills this Half Term

Blockbuster Bootcamp - February Half Term Camp for Teenagers

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Filmmaking February Half Term Course 2022

In this action-packed February half term filmmaking course, young filmmakers are set to boost their technical filmmaking skills. 

A series of skillset masterclasses, including screenwriting, directing, camera and producing, will see filmmakers emerging from this crash course with a host of valuable new filmmaking skills ready to take their work to the next level.

Boost Filmmaking Skills

This half term course is all about boosting technical filmmaking skills.  

Through a series of practical workshop sessions over three days, filmmakers taking part will cover different aspects of film production to enhance their skills and technical understanding. 

They’ll workshop different filmmaking skills, including screenwriting, directing, cinematography and producing. By the end of the course, they’ll have lots of new skills and professional insights into film production to apply to their work. 

Explore Career Pathways in Filmmaking

Alongside boosting their technical filmmaking skills, the young filmmakers taking part can also explore some of the different career pathways into film production.

They’ll spend time exploring the professional functions of different departments and the skills needed within each role.

They’ll gain vital insights into how the film industry operates and take confident steps towards their own development within their preferred roles.

February Half Term Courses for Teenagers - Screenwriting

Sparks is extraordinary – brimming with exciting opportunities for kids.

My daughter has enjoyed both weekly classes and a magnificent Summer Club at Sparks.

She has loved every single second – this is active learning, there’s no chance to get bored. And the staff are the best of the best, bringing masses of lived experience of scripts and sets and enabling the kids to fearlessly explore their imaginations and leave their comfort zones.

Stevie Lee

Film Producer & Parent to Young Filmmaker

Blockbuster Bootcamp: Programme Overview

The half term course runs over three, action-packed days. 

Day 1: 

Crew Introductions and Icebreakers

Screenwriting Workshop 

Directing Workshop  

Day 2:

Creative Warm-up Filmmaking Activities 

Cinematography Workshop 

Editing Tutorial & Assignment

Day 3: 

Creative Warm-up Filmmaking Activities

Producing Workshop 

Practical Filmmaking Assignment

Wrap Party

February Half Term Camp 2022 Sparks Filmmaking

Learn from Filmmaking Specialists

All our filmmaking courses are taught by specialist Sparks filmmaking facilitators, who are passionate about inspiring the next generation. 

Our team are all recruited from film/TV production backgrounds, as well as arts/media education backgrounds.

Everyone has hands-on, working knowledge of film production and valuable filmmaking know-how to share with young filmmakers. 

All our team are DBS-checked and undergo careful Sparks training, including safeguarding. 

Practical, Hands On Filmmaking Courses

All the filmmaking activities are hands-on and practical.

There is plenty of equipment and plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute towards the different production areas.

The filmmakers work using a range of filmmaking equipment to give their work a professional finish. This includes tripods and a range of grip equipment, as well as greenscreen. Our older crews – Studio 4 and. up- work with DSLR models and broadcast spec cameras. 

February Half Term Courses Age 11 Age 12 Age 13 Age 14

Exceptional Learning Environments

All our filmmaking courses provide exceptional environments to optimise learning and creativity.

Our filmmaking courses always work with small class sizes.

There are 12 filmmakers per studio, which offers everyone plenty of practical opportunity and a high level of personalised attention.

Our staff ratio is at least 1:8. In practice this is usually 1:6. 

Thank you Sparks for inspiring our son and allowing his talent and passion to shine. Such a creative way to spend half term. Connecting with children just as imaginative as him.

We think he’s found his tribe!

Leona Smith

Parent to Young Filmmaker

February Half Term Courses Filmmaking

Book Half Term Courses with Confidence

In the case of cancellations, we offer a transfer or a credit to a future filmmaking programme.

If you find you’re unable to attend over February half term, you can swap your booking to any other holiday course programme, or to our weekly filmmaking classes.

Any bookings cancelled with at least 14 days notice can also receive a full refund.

My son really enjoyed his week long course as it was an opportunity to get immersed in the nuts and bolts of different areas of film making – as this is something he is really interested in. 

Debra Blogg

Parent to Young Filmmaker

February Half Term Courses:

Dates, Times & Locations

This workshop is a three day programme during February Half Term.

Dates and times vary at each Sparks Film School, in line with local school holiday dates. 


Fees for this filmmaking workshop start from approximately £220.00.

This includes the three day workshop, all equipment and a copy of the work produced during the course.

Please be aware that fees vary at each Sparks Film School location. Discounts are usually available for siblings or for group bookings.

For details of specific dates, times, course fees and locations, take a look at your nearest film school’s page.

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