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Unique Movie Making Camps for Kids
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Please note that 2021 camps have already taken place.


We’ll release details of planned Easter holiday camps for 2022 shortly.


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Action-Packed Movie Making Camps this Easter

Take part in our fun movie making camps. Children taking part learn lots of filmmaking skills as they step into professional film crew roles behind and in front of the camera.

Make your Own Impressive Movie Production!

Young filmmakers work together to produce their own original movie production. Every film is unique. It’s based all around their own ideas and imagination.

This is the best holiday course they’ve ever been on.

Emma Murphy

Ages 5-7

Sparks: Easter Filmmaking Camps, Ages 5-7

Make a movie inspired by the Pinocchio story…

Explore film, animation, photography, drama, storytelling and art over five action-packed days of creative fun.

Ages 7-9 / 9-11

Sparks: Easter Filmmaking Camps, Ages 7-11

Make your own spy thriller!

Create unforgettable spy characters. Make a movie full of hidden identities, double agents and double crossings…

Ages 11-14

Sparks Easter Filmmaking Camps, Ages 11-14

Produce a suspenseful, dramatic mystery, full of dangerous deceptions and hidden agendas.

Explore set-for-Netflix, Scandinavian boxset style storytelling…

Kids Film Classes

Make your own unique movie production!

Young filmmakers taking part learn all about filmmaking. Each camp is an action-packed experience, full of fun, imagination and creativity. 

Young movie makers produce their own films. They develop their talents and skills, behind and in front of the camera. Every child steps into the role of director, camera operator, actor, production crew and more. 

It’s a fun and collaborative camp. The young crews work together and build friendships along the way. They share their ideas and form their own film crew. 

Our team of qualified, supportive instructors guide them through the process and help to bring out their potential. 

Creative Learning 

The filmmakers work collaboratively in small film crews.

All the camp activities are hands-on and practical. It’s all about child-led creativity.

The young filmmakers go through the creative process.

The crews…

  • Develop their ideas and produce a storyboard/script
  • Plan their shoots and design their sets, props and costumes
  • Shoot all their footage
  • Star in their movie
  • Take part in the editing too

There is plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute towards the different production areas. Everyone has the chance to grow a variety of skills.

There are also skill-building workshop activities and creative exercises throughout the week. 

We welcome along any level of experience. Our team ensure everyone is working at the right level.

This Easter, the theme is all about having fun with tall tales! We’ll explore double identities and dramatic deceptions. It’s a licence to stretch the truth and get creative.

Studio 1: Ages 5-7

Movie makers in Studio 1 will explore the Pinocchio story. They’ll use lots of media techniques. We’ll get stuck into animation, filmmaking, puppetry, art and drama to make their own version of the famous tale. 

Studios 2&3: Ages 7-9 / 9-11

Movie makers in Studios 2 and 3 are set to make their own spy thriller. They’ll explore plot twists and create some iconic spy characters. We’ll look at creating plenty of gripping action scenes too.

Studio 4: Ages 11-14

Studio 4 movie makers will explore boxset style dramatic structures and Scandinavian styling to produce a deliciously mysterious movie. They’ll build an intricate masterpiece of surprises. 

Studio 5: Ages 14-18

There aren’t any Studio 5 camps planned for the Easter holidays. We look forward to welcoming Studio 5 filmmakers back to holiday camps in the summer.

For all of our half term camps, we seek for everyone to feel happy, engaged and learning.

We work with high staff ratios, small class sizes and qualified instructors. 

Qualified Instructors

There is plenty of ongoing instruction and support from our specialist team of filmmaking instructors.

Every Sparks team member takes part in specific training. Everyone has an enhanced DBS check and follows our Ofsted approved practices and policies.

Within the team there is a mix of professional filmmaking and arts/media education backgrounds. Everyone enjoys working with young people and loves to inspire imagination. We seek to encourage, inspire and facilitate so that every child is able to achieve their best, all whilst having fun.

We treat everyone as individuals, with their own strengths, talents and their own way of learning.

Our half term camps all use Project Based Learning methodologies, which help to bring out the most creativity. We encourage the young filmmakers to contribute and take ownership over their own work.


Staff Ratios:

Our standard ratio is 1:8. For younger children it’s 1:6.

Dates, Times, Locations:

These camps are scheduled to take place over the Easter holidays 2021.

Dates, times and fees vary across different Sparks film schools.

Please take a look at your nearest Sparks location for details of dates, times and availability. 


All our camps will operate a variety of measures to keep children and our team members safe.

These include:

  • Working outdoors as much as possible (weather permitting)
  • Use of small classes sizes in a ‘bubble’ system
  • Use of PPE for team members
  • Children and teenagers to wear face coverings when in communal areas, e.g. corridors
  • Plenty of routine cleaning, e.g. all equipment wiped down before and after each use, regular hand sanitisation
  • Room ventilation, e.g. open doors and windows throughout
  • Travel using one-way systems and distancing
  • Parents and visitors currently aren’t permitted onsite (thank you for your understanding)
  • Nobody displaying symptoms to attend (if registered, please contact us in the event of a positive test result, or if displaying Covid symptoms)

We’ll continue to monitor the advice recommended by the Department for Education and apply any additional measures as recommended.


Age Groups: 

As part of these measures, we need to keep children within contained bubbles according to school year groups.

If your child is in Year 2, please book them into Studio 1.

If your child is in Year 6, please book them into Studio 3.

For children in Year 7, please book them into Studio 4. 

Please be aware that we will need to move children booked into the wrong age groups. 

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