Happy World Book Day!

Here at Sparks, we’re big believers in the value of storytelling. We love World Book Day.


One of the things we love most is the opportunity for children to immerse themselves in their favourite stories. It helps to feel close to favourite characters, to understand and identify with them in new ways. It might be a character they readily identify with, or it might offer the chance to step out of their comfort zone, and fill the shoes of someone they admire for a day. Who doesn’t love to feel like a hero? A magician? An explorer? A spy… The chance to dress up and enter the make-believe space can work wonders for confidence and imagination, as well as helping to boost literacy skills.
If you’ve enjoyed World Book Day this year – and hats off the all the parents who’ve managed to help with costumes in amongst everything else that’s going on! – then we have some creative ideas to try out that can help build on that sense of magic.
Feel free to try these out at home, they can work for any day of the year.

Plan a Spin Off 

Take your World Book Day character and imagine a spin off adventure for them. What happens when they go on a holiday? What happens if they start a new school, or move house? What happens if they meet a character from another story?
You can have fun with story ideas. Write them out as a short story or script. You can even go a stage further and start thinking about making a short film based on your ideas.

Make a Trailer 

Recreate your favourite moments from the book in a video trailer. Choose the most dramatic moments, or the funniest, or the most interesting and perform them to camera. Afterwards, you can edit them together in to a fun trailer with music, effects and title screens.

Film a Talk Show

Why not really get into character and film a role-play talk show interview? This is a great one to involve parents, or siblings, in the role of the interviewer. Write some interesting questions that will help us really get to know the character and their point of view. Record it on camera and watch it back.
Give these ideas a try and see all the ideas come to life.

You can share any clips with us using the hashtag #sparksmoviemaking. We’d love to see your interpretations! You can also find lots more resources and creative ideas over on the official World Book Day website or at the National Literacy Trust.

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Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! Here at Sparks, we’re big believers in the value of storytelling. We love World Book Day.  One of the things we love most is the opportunity for children to immerse themselves in their favourite stories. It helps to feel close to favourite...

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