Summer Shoots: Movie Making Summer Camps in Hampstead


The Summer Shoots crews are hard at work in Hampstead this week. They are working through a five day movie making summer camp to produce their own unique movie productions.

This year’s theme is The Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares. All the crews are making productions inspired by the surreal and their wildest imaginations!


So far…

After a day of skill-building and practising some themed techniques, they developed their own story ideas. On Tuesday they got stuck in to ‘pre-production’, where they storyboarded their scenes, wrote some scripts and designed the costumes/set/props etc.

On Wednesdays the crews began shooting their footage. They’ll continue to work through their storyboards and film their different shots. The young filmmakers take turns to each direct sequences, crew the camera department and fulfil different production crew roles. In front of the camera, they also act in all their on-screen roles.


Coming up…

Later on, they will edit their work too. On Friday afternoon, they will present their highlights to an invited audience, before their film production is prepared for September’s Red Carpet Premiere screening.

They have a couple of days left to finish shooting and to edit. Good luck to all the crews!


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