At the moment, we’re working on a really lovely project called Girls with Goals and to mark International Women’s Day, we’re sharing details of it here. 

Each Thursday we visit Bishop Challoner’s Girls School in East London to work with a group of female ‘Girls with Goals’ student ambassadors from across each of the year groups to explore the school’s theme ‘the power of yet’. 

The project is the culmination of months of development, partnership and fundraising efforts by headteacher Ms C Easmon-Johnson, and over the course of the project, we’ll be producing an uplifting documentary about successful women, how they’ve lived up to their dreams and aspirations and achieved their goals.  

Image courtesy of Bishop Challoner School

We’re looking at work by female filmmakers for inspiration, including several documentary makers. Last week, we looked through examples from Blackfishby Gabriela Cowperthwaite, How to Get a Life by Cherry Healey and Stories We Tell by Sarah Polley. There is an incredible range of work out there by female documentary makers – it’s definitely worth taking a look! 

The ‘Girls with Goals’ project follows on from ‘Shoot Like a Girl’, a termly theme we explored in 2015 with the Saturday Film Shoot makers. Within the term, we celebrated the work of female filmmakers and then based our own filmmaking activities on their examples as inspiration. It produced some very interesting results, with all of the members (not just girls) engaging with films they hadn’t seen before, and we were proud to do our bit to promote women directors’ work. 

We’re excited to see where ‘Girls with Goals’ takes us. We have until the summer to produce the documentary, which will be used by the students and Ms Easmon-Johnson to promote an attitude of ambition and aspiration amongst the students at school and more broadly in the local community. So far, we’re making great progress with an enthusiastic group of young female leaders, each of whom are striving to achieve their own goals at school and in life. It’s a privilege to be working with them on such an inspirational project – we promise to keep you updated on our progress! 

Happy International Women’s Day…

Donna & Sheena