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Inspirational Filmmaking Clubs for Ages 5-18
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Sparks Filmmaking Clubs

Youth Filmmaking Clubs for Filmmakers Age 5-18

Sparks filmmaking clubs ignite imagination, build confidence and encourage a host of new skills.

Young filmmakers learn all about the different aspects of filmmaking in our fun and friendly filmmaking clubs.

Sparks Film Making Classes for Kids

“It’s the perfect place for any young person with the first spark of a love for film, a fully-fledged passion for cinema, or who just wants to express themselves creatively. 

My son has relished every second he’s been going, and while it’s embarrassing to be jealous of your own child, on this occasion I have to admit that I am.” 

Danny Leigh

Parent & Film Critic

 Youth Filmmaking Clubs

Young filmmakers taking part in Sparks filmmaking clubs delve into every stage of the creative filmmaking process.

All our filmmaking clubs offer practical, hands on filmmaking activities and include making real film productions. 

Crew members explore all the different crew roles you find on a real film set, explore and develop their own creative ideas and work on real-life filmmaking projects to boost their skills. 

They learn all about the creative aspects, as well as the technical aspects too.

Youth Film Academy - Speaks Film School for Young People

What is covered in Sparks Filmmaking Clubs?

Our filmmaking clubs are practical and cover the entire process of filmmaking, from start to finish.

We explore the three phases – pre-production, production and post-production – with filmmakers taking away a variety of the different skills involved.

“I’ve learned so much here, I don’t know where to start.

I’ve learned how to shoot a film properly, how to compose a shot. I’ve learned how to edit, how to take an idea and turn it into something you can see on the screen. It’s been amazing.


Sparks Studio 5 Movie Maker, age 16

Sparks Film Schools for Kids

Film Directing

Sparks crew members learn all about film directing.

In filmmaking clubs, they learn how to express their ideas.

They practise working with actors and crew to bring their visions to life.

Young directors build their skills in visual storytelling, artistic direction, creative collaboration, communication and learn to define their own unique style.

Sparks February Half Term Camps - Film Courses for Teenagers

Camera Skills & Cinematography 

Sparks crew members learn all about photography and cinematography. They work on real productions and develop their camera skills in practical filmmaking activities. 

In filmmaking clubs, our young crew members learn a variety of photographic and camera skills.

We cover framing techniques and shot composition, technical skills and working with lighting. 

Technical learning advances through the age range, with ages 14+ learning professional skills including lens work. 

We provide all the equipment as part of the filmmaking clubs.  

Acting for Camera Classes

Acting for Camera 

Sparks filmmakers also learn acting for camera skills, with dedicated attention to screen acting skills included in all our filmmaking clubs. 

We focus on screen acting technique, which compliments any existing experience in drama. This includes working with single and multi-camera setups, working with microphones and with marks. We explore use of physicality, face and voice, as well as performance to camera techniques. 

Taking part in filmmaking clubs can be used to develop a showreel and performances can also be used as CV acting credits. 

We know that many children prefer to stay behind the camera, or focus solely on acting, but we believe a rounded knowledge of a working film set is vital for both successful screen acting and working within a film crew. 

Half Term Courses for Teenagers

Production Crewing

Learning to work as part of a collaborative film crew is a key feature of Sparks filmmaking clubs.

All our young filmmakers learn to perform in various production crew roles, just like you would find on a real film set.

These roles include producers and production managers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd AD, location managers, clapperloaders, grip, sound operatives, production assistants and more.

Learning these roles and production responsibilities is ideal for cultivating teamwork and project skills, which can transfer to a future in the film industry or to independent creative projects in the future.

Video Editing Courses for Kids

Video Editing 

In addition to learning about film production ‘on set’, Sparks filmmakers also learn about video editing and post-production. 

For each term of filmmaking clubs, young filmmakers work on editing their projects to develop their skills and knowledge in video editing. 

They learn about cuts and sequencing, how to use pace and rhythm for creative effects, and how to apply different audio and visual effects in post-production. 

Technical learning progresses through the age range. Filmmakers age 11+ typically learn to edit using Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, alongside other programmes including After Effects to create their own special and visual effects.  

We provide all equipment and licences for video editing as part of our filmmaking clubs. 

Film Classes for Kids - Balham - (7 of 13)

Art Direction & Production Design

Filmmaking clubs also include learning in art direction and production design.

This includes set design, costume design, locations, props, makeup and technical effects.

Sparks crew members develop their knowledge and awareness of production design elements, styles and production techniques to direct each film project’s art direction and visual style.

Summer Camps for Teenagers Screenwriting


Screenwriting is another key feature of Sparks filmmaking clubs. Filmmakers learn all the skills to produce their own film scripts. 

Sparks crew members learn all about storytelling for screen formats, including how to structure a plot, how to build characters and how to write effective screen dialogue. 

We focus on practical and visual approaches towards screenwriting, with activities including improvisation and workshop techniques, rather than traditional ‘reading and writing’ activities. 

We work with a variety of creative stimuli and explore different styles of screenwriting. All our film projects are filmmaker-led and based on the ideas of the group. 

“My son has been going to Sparks film school for three years. 

If your child is interested in film, it’s a wonderful spring-board for them. They learn about everything from angles to scripts to costumes to sound and lighting, with some acting thrown in too. 

It’s a fun and comprehensive course. It’s clear a lot of love goes into it from Dan, Sheena and the team rest of the Sparks team.”



Sparks Film and Media Arts | Film Making Classes for Teenagers

Filmmaking Themes, Knowledge & Progression Pathways

Crew members taking part in filmmaking clubs work towards a series of learning outcomes, which progress at each level.  

We introduce new creative themes and new techniques as they produce their own films to add to their portfolio. 

All activities are practical, so over time, they develop filmmaking skills in each of the different areas, ready to take their next steps. 

Our filmmaking students have gone on to: 

✅  Conservatoire filmmaking and acting schools for Higher Education 

✅  Win awards and screening presentations at international film festivals 

✅  Undertake professional work on set as both screen actors and crew 

✅  Gain admission to top universities, competitive school placements and scholarships, including to the BRIT School and many of the UK’s leading independent schools

✅  Professional careers in media

✅  Use filmmaking to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Arts Award

Sparks Film Schools for Kids

Confidence Building & Soft Skill Development

Along with developing creative and practical skills, taking part in Sparks filmmaking clubs helps to boost confidence, imagination and social skills too.

Crew members meet new friends who share similar interests and passions. They work collaboratively in filmmaking classes to build up their social skills, team-working skills and communication skills.

The whole process helps to build confidence and open up new social opportunities for everyone taking part.

“Sophie’s confidence has sky-rocketed. She hasn’t been this passionate about anything for three years and I can’t thank you enough for that.



Our Approach…

Our approach in our filmmaking clubs is all about youth-led creativity and self-expression.

We believe that everyone does their best learning whilst having fun.

We use educational techniques centred in Project Based Learning. Filmmakers learn through working on practical projects, where they take on ownership and responsibility.

Our approach empowers young filmmakers and enables to development of real-world transferable skills including teamwork, taking responsibility and decision-making. It’s also inclusive for children who learn in different ways and engage with individual interests. 

Our young crews love taking on all the different creative roles. They enjoy taking responsibility for their individual and group contributions, they love the sense of ownership and the space to express their ideas. 

Filmmaking Courses for Kids

 High Quality Creative Learning Experiences:

Our filmmaking clubs provide exceptional environments for both learning and making new friends.

All activities are practical and hands on. There is also plenty of equipment readily available for each crew member to work with.

There are 12 crew members per studio. Our small group sizes ensure that every child has access to plenty of opportunities. They have chance to contribute meaningfully to every project.

We like to get to know every child well so we can support them to achieve their best.

Filmmaking Club Group Sizes & Ratios:

Max. 12 filmmakers per studio 

Staff Ratio = 1:8 maximum (for younger studios 1:6)

Qualified, Inspirational Instructors:

Our filmmaking clubs are taught by highly skilled filmmaking instructors, with professional backgrounds in film and TV.

Everyone is DBS-checked and takes part in specialist training.

We’re Ofsted registered and follow strict Safeguarding practices and policies.

All our team operate under our Safeguarding Policy.

“She really really loved the session on Saturday. She has been talking about it a lot.

It is especially good for her as she has been unhappy at school and having anxiety issues, making films is a huge new passion for her.

She was determined to come on her own, without a friend. You’ve made her feel really welcome and involved. ” 



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