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Sparks Film School for Young Filmmakers

In Sparks Film School programmes, aspiring young filmmakers develop their skills, creativity, knowledge and confidence. 

Our fun filmmaking courses for ages 5-18 inspire imagination and lead to a huge range of different skills in film production.

Our students have gone on to win film festivals and screen their work around the world. Some have gone on to professional acting work for film, TV and stage, as well as entry to top universities and film schools to further their filmmaking training. 

Inspiring Young Filmmakers Since 2010 

With over 10 years experience and over 25 film schools around the UK, Sparks Film School offers the UK’s leading programme for filmmaking and media training for children and young people. 

Through filmmaking, we inspire and empower the creators of tomorrow to take bold steps towards their futures.

Our film school programmes were the start of our mission to inspire digital creativity for young people. Our film schools have been inspiring young filmmakers for over 12 years. 

Film School Programmes | Film Schools Workshops

Sparks Film School Programmes

Our Film School offers filmmaking training for ages 5-18.

All our film school programmes are fun, engaging and full of imagination. Film courses are also fully practical, with plenty of hands-on experience.

Each film school offers two styles of filmmaking programme:

      * Part Time Film Courses than run year-round, usually at the weekends or after school

      * Intensive Filmmaking Short Courses that run during the school holidays, usually over a number of days

Our film school programmes cover all aspects of filmmaking, from screenwriting and film directing, through to production and post-production. Where detailed, some filmmaking courses will focus on a particular discipline, technique or style.

Filmmaking courses take place in ‘Studios’ of peer age groups:

Studio 1 (ages 5-7)

Studio 2 (ages 7-9)

Studio 3 (ages 9-11)

Studio 4 (ages 11-14)

Studio 5 (ages 14-18)

Sparks is extraordinary – brimming with exciting opportunities for kids.

My daughter has enjoyed both weekly classes and a magnificent summer club. She has loved every single second – this is active learning, there’s no chance to get bored. And the staff are the best of the best, bringing masses of lived experience of scripts and sets and enabling the kids to fearlessly explore their imaginations and leave their comfort zones.

Stevie Lee

Parent to Young Filmmaker & Film Producer

Sparks Film School: Part-Time Filmmaking Courses

Members of our part-time film school courses learn about every aspect of making a film.

Members develop skills as film directors, cinematographers, actors, production crew, editors and even more. 

Each term, they work on their own film production projects, where they can apply their creativity, skills, and knowledge to build up their own portfolio of work. 

These film school courses are ideal for children and young people who are passionate about film and want to learn about filmmaking in depth. 

Sparks Film Schools for Teenagers

Film School: Filmmaking Short Courses

Filmmaking short courses are usually production-focused and immerse young filmmakers in the process of making their own films during half terms and summer holidays.

Each filmmaking short course has a fun, creative theme designed to spark imagination and creativity, as well as add to existing skills or filmmaking experience.

These film school courses are ideal for young filmmakers who want to explore the filmmaking process or build up their portfolios. These courses tend to less to be less technical than our part time film school courses, but offer fun, creative experiences for children and young people looking to explore filmmaking.

James has been with Sparks since he was 8 years old. He was shy at school and not sporty.

Sparks has been brilliant for him socially, and really inspired in him an interest in film. James is 16 years old now, a much more confident person and going onto study film and writing.

He made some lovely friends there, and the teachers were excellent and very supportive. I couldn’t recommend Sparks enough! 

Lisbeth Sellers

Parent to Young Filmmaker

Sparks London Film School Locations

Sparks Film School Students Learn…

A variety of skills in film production

Screenwriting skills, directing skills, producing skills, cinematography, camera operation, production design, video editing, sound and post-production skills

Film School students also learn skills in film acting and presenting to camera (some students choose to specialise on work in front of the camera)

We encourage our younger studios to try out all the different filmmaking roles and areas. Students in our older studios begin to specialise in their specific interest areas.

Knowledge of different techniques and styles

Along with developing their practical filmmaking skills, our film school students also build their knowledge of different production techniques and artistic styles.

This knowledge is often transferable to Art, Media Studies, Drama or Film Studies at school.

Students also learn about the different vocational opportunities available within the film industry. They gain knowledge of working environments and learn how they can begin in a career in filmmaking/the film industry.

Soft Skill Development & Confidence

Participation in film school courses offers soft skills development and confidence growth for young filmmakers.

By taking part in practical, collaborative projects, film school students develop their communication skills and creativity, along with their collaborative skills, leadership, project and time management skills. They also gain analytical and evaluative skills, as well as lots of project skills valuable in other areas of life.

In the process, they also gain in confidence and the ability to express themselves.

I’ve learned so much here, I don’t know where to start.

I’ve learned how to shoot a film properly, how to compose a shot. I’ve learned how to edit, how to take an idea and turn it into something you can see on the screen.

It’s been amazing.


Young Filmmaker, Studio 5 (age 16)

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Sparks Film School Locations

There are 27 Sparks Film Schools for children and teenagers around the UK. 

We also have plans to introduce new film schools in 2022. 

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