Introducing… Beyond Tomorrow: February Half Term


Over February half term, we’re off on fantastical, futuristic movie making adventures! In the Beyond Tomorrow half term camps, movie makers will produce exciting and imaginative movie productions, all set light years away. It’s an action-packed half term camp full of fun and creativity. Young filmmakers will learn all about how to put together their own film production.

Making Films from the Future

Beyond Tomorrow is a part of our ‘films from the future’ series of workshops. We want to capture some of the visions of tomorrow from young filmmakers’ imaginations and celebrate them onscreen.

What will the future look like? Where will technology take us? What do they dream life will be like, 1000 years from now?

The crews will each make their own unique film production during the half term camp. They can choose which direction to take their productions. All the films made by Sparks crews are always led by them, it’s a place for them to express their ideas and tell their own stories. Each production will be completely original and unique to the group making it, so we can’t wait to see what they produce.

Explore Visual Effects & Art Direction

To bring their time travel adventures to life, the crews will also be exploring some impressive visual effects techniques. We’ll be helping them to create some ‘wow’ moments on screen, with plenty of technical show pieces to convey their visions of the future. (We are very, very excited about this!)

We’re doing lots of preparation behind the scenes to make this half term’s ‘Beyond Tomorrow’ experience really enjoyable and really special for all the filmmakers taking part. We’ll be updating with more insights over the next few weeks. 

Registration is Open:

You can book now for the February half term camps.

Take a look at your nearest Sparks film school for details of dates, times and availability or register online here